The 1999 Judge Family Christmas Wish List

Welcome to the Judge Family Christmas Homepage. This is the updated page for 1999. If you're looking for a few laughs or ideas from last year's page, then you can CLICK HERE . You'll notice it even LOOKS the same as last year.

The rules this year are the same. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list.

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SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Marc Duke Dan
HUNTER FAMILY Dave Betty Amy Joanna Sarah Katy
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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PET EXCHANGE If you're interested in a Pet Exchange again this year, please let me know. I can setup a grab bag kind of thing for the animals, too.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been undermotivated to create a pet grab bag list. It's just too busy. I know you all have mailings to do, so I won't delay things any longer. Sorry, pets. Bogart'll just get something extra from Santa this year.

No response yet from the following people:


A-1 Harvey

C&W CDs:
- LeAnn Rimes new CD. title: "LeAnn Rimes"
- CD by Marty Stuart
Fuzzy bathrobe, XXL
Sweat suit, XXL
Cardigan, XXL

Pat Harvey

C-D - Time Life Treasury of Folk Music,,,There are four volumes! I do not have any so I guess that I should start with vol 1. These can be found in the Heartland Music Catalog 800-788-2400.
Goldtone earrings....
Mary Kays new lip compact with a brush. It comes in warm or cool tones. I need any of the warm tones.
Garth Brooks new Christmas cd...It has G.B. on the front with a silver ball...
An electronic meat thermometer..yes I still sometimes cook ..when I can find the stove....
These are only suggestions. If anyone has better ideas ...... go for it.

James Harvey

Rugby shirts (XL)
Casual button down shirts (18"neck/34"arm length)
Watch (needs to have a seconds hand)

Joan Harvey

A night of uninterrupted sleep!!!
Small sterling silver earrings
wool or cotton cardigans and crew neck sweaters. Please no tan, brown or orange

Matthew Harvey

Rugby shirts (size 12 or larger)
GI Joe 12" action figures
Ulitmate Soldier action figures
accessories to Joe
anything about planes, fighter planes, etc.
star wars

Thomas Harvey

Rugby shirts (size 8 or larger)
GI Joe 12" action figures
Ulitmate soldier action figures
accessories to Joe
Star wars

Emily Harvey

any bright colored toy...she isn't picky and would enjoy any gift.

Scott Harvey

Kim Harvey


Dave Kruswicki

Clos Du Bois merlot or zinfindal (red)

Kathy Kruswicki

grey long sleeve Cherokee Blouse, Size 22, Target
grey diamond cut socks to match, Target
fleece jacket, Full Zipper, no hood. grey or Blue XXL
Electric cooking griddle (kind that aunt Kathryn bought for the nieces wedding showers)
Size 9 grey flannel shoes (Sears)

Karen Halaburt

Black Zip up Sweater from The Gap (with a furr hood trim) - Size Large.
Fleece V-Neck Shirt (Size Large) (Grey, Black, Light Blue)
Socks - to wear wth khakis and black pants
Dockers (flat front - Size 8) Khaki color
Body lotions (from Bath and body Works, H20 Plus, etc) any fragrance.
Yankee Candles (something spicy)
Flannel pajama pants (size medium)

Paul Halaburt

Subscription to Golf Digest
Winter gloves
Clos Du Bois Merlot
Traditional Irish Music CD's (not U2, Thin Lizzy or any of that crap,Van Morrison is a favorite of mine though)
Golf Desk calendar (the one where each day is a different golf hole)
A donation in my name to the Human Fund

Timmy Halaburt

He pretty much will take anything
Clothes ( he will be wearing a size 24 months or 2T)

Kevin Kruswicki

Titelist bulata golf balls
Ball cap with Titelist written in cursive : beige or black

John Kruswicki


Carol Schnolis

RED body lotion
Yankee candle (PACHOULI)
Blouses (shirt style, button front, NOT knit)Size 42 or 2XX
King size water bed sheets (from a water bed store)
Movie - Mr. Holland's Opus
Movie - Steel Magnolia's

Michael Schnolis

DVDs: Saving Private Ryan, original Blues Brothers, any others---surprise me
Purdue stuff
Chicago skyline picture from River oaks (ask Carol)
2 Bose 151 white environment speakers gift certificates
Mens Health, Sporting News subscriptions

Lynn Schnolis

Sweater sets size large (embroidery or solids any color but red)
Gap or Victoria Secret items (or gift certificates)
Subscription to People magazine
4x6 picture frames
The parent Trap movie VHS or DVD (old version with Hayley Mills)
The Miracle on 34th Street DVD old version is the only one avaialble.
Sarah Mclachlan -Mirrorball CD
Faith Hill-Breathe CD
Pachouli yankee candle

Elizabeth Schnolis

She would be grateful to get anything but some of her favorites now are:
Scooby Doo
Polly Pockets
Disney and beanie baby bears
She wears size 4/5 clothes and 101/2 shoe

Marc Schnolis

Beard trimmer
Surgical Scrubs Aqua only, size Men's XL
Dress Shirts and Size 17-17 1/2 ,36-37 Sleeve(Ithink)
long sleeve sport shirts (like a dress shirt but for casual) same sizes or X large (tall if possible)

Duke Schnolis Gift Certificates (for books, dvds, cds, etc.)
Workout T-shirts (3X)
Mesh Workout Shorts (2X-3X)
Nice gloves XXL

Dan Schnolis

Danny's Christmas list # 1 * Greystone 100% Cotton Twill Jeans. Relaxed fit, Plain Front w/zipper fly, Side Slash pockets, Cargo pocket w/Velcro closure, 32 inch inseam. They are a little long, but they are nice. $46.99 online at:
* Plain athletic sweatshirts for running and bumming around in. XXXL
* Plain but durable athletic tee shirts also for running or bumming around in. XXXL. No pockets please! Any color will do.
* Nice sweatshirts for wearing out when I am trying to pick up broads! Also, nice fleece jackets pullovers for when I am hanging out and/or trying to pick up broads. XXXL
NOTE ** Any long sleeve shirts-not for work-Rather, for looking both nice and fashionable when out in public. (Shopping hint #2: The Burlington Coat Factory always has nice selections in its big man racks.
A durable pair of running shoes or cross-trainers in size 13. I recommend Saucony, New Balance, or Asics. No need to go overboard with this one.
That's all for this list which pretty much covers wanted clothing items. Another list to follow with requested technical gadgets and such.
Dan's list of stuff #2....
Nice Martini shaker set like Mike's
Fixins for Martinis (ask Mike)
DVD Movies
  • Hunt for Red October
  • FBDO
  • Any old detective-type movies--especially those that call women "dames."
    Poster/framed art
  • Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and in the cafe
  • Any old Illinois Central or South Shore posters
    Fun computer games, although none come to mind.


    Dave Hunter

    Betty Hunter

    Small fold up umbrella-folds to about 6 inches. green or black
    Lipstick holder with mirror or mirror compact with reg. and magnification sides
    Dressy white blouse sz 22 - to wear with my "Mrs. Corporate America" suits
    Any bright color ( I already have blue), solid, cotton-type blouse with large collar/long sleeves, again, to wear with above mentioned suits. sz 20
    Queen size opaque tights, black or off-white to wear with....yada yada yada.

    Amy Hunter

    I would like the green woobie pj's with snowflakes from the Gap...I have an idea who has my name, so I know that my name can have her son who works for the Gap pick it up for her. If she would like another idea, tell her to ask my mom when those two are making their traditional-one-week-before-Christmas-midnight-run-to-the-mall.
    Khaki Dockers, size 14average, flat front...let the comments begin...
    And yes, Duke...Buzz will be in the grab bag this year. He is a dog, but he's about as smart as a rock.

    Joanna Hunter

    All I wish for this holiday season is a pachouli candle, to remind me of touring.

    Sarah Hunter

    The Matrix, VHS or DVD. it doesn't matter.
    Shakespeare in Love, VHS or DVD. it doesn't matter.

    Katy Hunter

    -personal organizer from the L.L. Bean catalog, overnight size, plum colored (also available on line at, item # KK29929)
    -Phish "Hampton Comes Alive" box set (avaiable at fine retail music outlets, and also at
    -an x-tra long, navy blue, fleece or soft wool scarf (not itchy!)
    -subscription to "Biography" magazine (watch the A & E channel to get the phone number)
    - a Polaroid camera
    - any cd's by the following artists
  • Velvet Underground ( early stuff)
  • Ben Harper
  • The Allman Brothers
  • Medeski, Martin, and Wood (thats all one band)
    - camping fold up chair, with arm rests and supported neck pillow- dark green to match the rest of my set ( available at Walmart and probably that other store, whats it called?.......... oh ya! Target)
    -Yankee Candle "Pachouli" flavored


    Rich Judge

    Saving Private Ryan, dvd
    Dress shirts, 16 1/2 x 34
    Dockers, green, navy or black,38 x 30
    Head covers for 1,3 & 5 woods
    Blue Jeans (okay Amy?)
    College sweatshirts
    The Quiet Man on dvd (and a nice stick to beat the lovely lady)
    Joy ride in the back seat of a trainer at Meridian

    Gloria Judge

    Subscription to People magazine
    Subscription to Good Housekeeping
    14 carat gold earrings, small
    New Dodge Caravan to replace the one that got smashed up today
    Jeans, size 14
    Turtlenecks, large
    Fabulous Baker Boys on dvd
    Surprise me

    Lauren Judge

    Anything "Austin Powers" (a must)
    Bell Bottoms Size 7
    Lou Bega CD "Mambo #5 (a must) " A Little Bit o Monica.........."
    BSB 2000 Calendar (a must)
    Marc Anthony CD (a must)
    Blink 182 CD ( a must)
    Pekachu Stuffed Animal (You can find it at Spencers)
    Austin Powers Posters ( a must)
    Old Navy Tech Vest (Orange)
    Obi Wan Light Saber
    Austin Powers Cardboard Cut Out (want more than anything) (You can find it at Trader's Paradise in Orland Mall)
    Simply Irresistable DVD


    Here is the place for comments. If you send me something you want printed, I'll print it here.

    [DUKE] 11/29/99 - I've finally gotten the page updated. Sorry for any delay.
    [GLORIA] 11/26/99 - Could someone just please buy "Buzz" some new dog food? Avoid buying anything "chicken flavored."
    [GLORIA] 11/26/99 - Has anyone seen Katy in the Gap commercials yet?
    [GLORIA] 11/30/99 - Say, A-1, I never knowed that Martha Stewart sangs C&W. She's amazin, ain't she?
    [KATY] 12/1/99 - Just a hint Dan, maybe you don't need new shirts, i think if you stopped calling women/girls "broads" you would have an easier time picking them up. signed, some dumb blond broad
    [KATY] 12/1/99 - Will whoever has Auntie Carol PLEASE buy her waterbed sheets, they have been on her list for two years running! The same for poor A-1 and his bathrobe, have a heart people!!
    [AMY] 12/2/99 - What exactly is patchouli and is it legal?
    [AMY] 12/2/99 - I need the "fuzzy" in A1's "fuzzy bathrobe" it "woobie/polar fleece" or terrycloth, or silky?? specifize please
    [AMY] 12/2/99 - Danny sure has a lot of run on and wordy sentences in his list, but at least he's not asking for a "peppery" shirt to pick up the broads...
    [DAN] 12/2/99 - Katy: Thank you for posting the exact response expected of you regarding the "broads" classification of women and girls -- I thought of you the second I wrote it! It should be duly noted that I do not regularly call girls or women broads. However, on the occasion of making a joke, I will use such south side vernacular. I am sorry for having offended anyone and wish you all a very festive holiday season.
    In udder wurdssss--Asss a rezidnt of da South Site..I reserfff the rite to poke a couple two tree barps at broadsss. Tank you very much my frient!!
    [PAT] - 12/2/99 - A-1 would like a robe with thick terry cloth.
    [PAT] - 12/2/99 - Gloria...that was Marty Stewart.....What happened to the van......?
    [SARAH] - 12/2/99 - danny, why do you need to pick up boards, are you building a deck, or maybe a shed?
    [PAT] - 12/4/99 - Well........there are four people on the gift list that have not listed any suggestions. A-1 and Pat have two of them. This is putting a crimp in my shopping. I'm on a roll right now and I don't want to quit. Come on folks and lets keep the merchants happy.
    [RICH] 12/4/99 - To Pat: If you really need to shop for some one, feel free to consult my list. I guess I could accept an extra gift just to make you happy.
    [LYNN] 12/7/99 - I have never smelled the pachouli yankee candle but since I love yankee candles, and it certainly must be good since a couple people want it, I think I want one too, so just add it to my list this year.
    [MIKE] 12/7/99 - Rich, I am admitting I don't have your name but since you are soliciting for extra gifts I'll see what I can do about that back seat ride. (at least maybe a simulator!)
    [LYNN] 12/7/99 - Good luck with the back seat ride Rich, if I have never even flown with Mike, You can bet I'll get it before you if I can help it!
    [RICH] 12/8/99 - Now remember kids, a ride in the back seat of a plane (or simulator) is not to be argued over. As Mrs. Brady.....I mean Gloria..... always says "It's better to let the old uncle use the barf bag than to give mama a roll at 20,000 ft."
    [DAVE K] 12/9/99 - Can anything on K. Hunter's list be bought at Aldi's?
    [DAVE K] 12/9/99 - Who is in favor of opening the gifts all at once?
    [DAVE K] 12/9/99 - Is soup on the menu for dinner?
    [KATY] 12/9/99 - To dave k. When did you finally learn how to use email? and since you mail nasty comments, how about putting up a list. oh that's right, you were left off this year for bad behavior. and wasnt a Soup Thanksgiving good enough for you ,or do you need a Soup Christmas also? Happy Festivous!
    [BETTY] 12/9/99 - Who let Uncle Dave know the address of the website? He's been nothing but trouble ever since he got in this family
    [BETTY] 12/9/99 - Is there someone in the family who may be in need of an intervention based on the fact that the only thing on his list is alcohol?
    [GLORIA] 12/9/99 - Oh hell, I guess I'd like a patchouli candle too.
    [GLORIA] 12/9/99 - The gifts will not be opened all at once. However, you may have to eat a jello shot after each gift opened. Carol, do have enough room for overnight guests?
    [CAROL] 12/10/99 - I think we should start opening presents with the youngest so the "old ones" at the top will be able to ENJOY seeing everyones gifts too. (Or they can nap so they will be able to open their own!!)
    [CAROL] 12/10/99 - Gloria, I think after jello shots, it won't matter where anyone sleeps!!! Then Dave K. can fix us all Christmas breakfast, since he will have had a nap waiting to open his presents!!
    [DUKE] 12/10/99 - I thought about making a section for comments about Uncle Dave K., but then we wouldn't have a regular section anymore, so I didn't do it.
    [A-1] 12/10/99 - Do we have to wait for a call before we can open our gifts here? Jello shots...hmmmmm.
    [PAT] 12/10/99 - Joan, Pat, and Emily were asked to leave the Yankee Candle store in the Mall. We were spending too much time in front of the Patchouli candles.
    [PAT] 12/10/99 - Dave, we checked and they did not have any Drambuie flavored candles.
    [KATY] 12/11/99 - Why does Duke get to write in bold print? I want my comments in bold print, too. Or how about a pretty red color??
    [DUKE] 12/11/99 - Katy, your wish has been granted. I couldn't change the color, but I did change the font size. I hope you enjoy your distinguishing text.
    [EMILY] 12/11/99 - Too bad I won't be in Chicago this year.... I could have a jello shooter with Uncle Dav K. I could take my nap with Dave since he will be snoozing through the festivities..... I will even help him make breakfast since I like to wake up a 5am.
    [SARAH] 12/11/99 - Sounds like the Jello shots are a must this year. Shall they be in shooters, or maybe a green Christmas Tree mold?
    [CAROL] 12/11/99 - I just want to know who's making the jello shots since Lynn won't be here for Christmas Eve?
    [BETTY] 12/12/99 - Sounds like little Emily is getting off on the right foot shopping-wise. She fits right in the family. Maybe her daddy should consider a second job starting now to get a jump on things.
    [GLORIA] 12/12/99 - I will prepare the jello shots since I am in charge of orchestrating the opening of the gifts on Christmas Eve. SO HERE ARE THE RULES, GUYS AND GALS.......Any time a family member utters the words "Lets open the gifts all at once" that person will be required to eat a jello shot.
    [SARAH] 12/12/99 - Glora, having to do a jello shot isn't exactly punishment in this family. You might be hearing that phrase more than you wanted to.
    [DAN] 12/14/99 - Katy where are you? This page is getting boring without you!!!
    [HARRIET] 12/15/99 - Hey, you caninces, how come you couldn't stop chasing your tales or licking your, never mind, long enough to set up a pet present exchange? I'm going to have to buy myself a present to make up for it. Next year let the felines handle it.
    [DAVE K] 12/15/99 - Dan: Katie is busy checking out the bargain tables at Aldi's
    [DAVE K] 12/15/99 - I think we should open gifts one at a time.
    [DAVE K] 12/15/99 - Can Katy's fish gifts be bought at the bridge?
    [BETTY] 12/15/99 - I thought Harriet was a Harry-it???
    [KATY] 12/15/99 - to Dan and all concerned family members: i have been active on the webpage, except the font has been reduced sooooo much on my comments, no one can see it. hopefully this message will get through, if the man in charge decides im worthy enough. thank you for your concern.
    [KATY] 12/15/99 - to mean uncle dave: no, i have not been at Aldi's. my time has been spent at the G.D. Gap, please get it right.
    [KATY] 12/15/99 - i have to agree with mean uncle dave, shrimp from the bridge would be a nice christmas eve meal.
    [DUKE] 12/15/99 - Katy, it's obvious how much the family needs you on this page. Your original wish has been granted. Just don't ask for blinking red text...
    [JOANNA] 12/15/99 - Can we open all the gifts at the same time?
    [DUKE] 12/15/99 - You know, I'm for opening all the gifts at the same time, too. I have one question, though? Who's gonna make me do a jello shot?
    [KATHY] 12/16/99 - Will uncle Rich get his own "out of the closet" comment section? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
    [PAUL] 12/16/99 - I realize that, by joining in this Judge Family stream of consciousness, I offer myself up as a prime target to the snipers who wish get me in their cross-hairs (Amy, Katy to name a couple). However, I can't resist but give you my reactions as I get up to speed on some of this conversation. KATY: As I peruse your wish list and some of your comments, all I can say frighten me the way clowns frighten Kramer. AMY: I realize you live in Indiana now, so I'll type this slowly...specifize is not a word. That's it - I'm selling my Dayton Hudson stock JOANNA: Shoes are required for XMAS eve. RICH: Up for climbing into a bottle of Irish Mist with me this year? SARAH: You are an angel girl for helping watch young Timmy while he was sick. DUKE: You're a Saint for maintaining this hootenanny. DAVE K aka Timmy's Grandpa: Your courage is inspiring. You've encouraged me to pick up the torch again and campaign for a X-Mas eve of Soup and presents which are unwrapped simultaneously. We'll get there soon - Fight the good fight! ALL JUDGE WOMEN: Could you be a little more specific about what you want for X-mas? ya know...colors, sizes, styles, etc...
    [PAUL] 12/16/99 -Is A-1 a person or a steak sauce?
    [PAUL] 12/16/99 - This Pachouli nonsense has gone too far. I don't know what Pachouli is, but I bet I know why you burn cover the smell of something else, right?????
    [JOANNA] 12/16/99 - Well Paul, I was gonna let your attacks on me & my sisters slide, that is until I read your actual list, and excuse me, but Thin Lizzy is NOT crappy music. Come on, Jail Break, a Classic I tell ya!!
    [MIKE] 12/16/99 - To everyone, since I cannot be there for the Christmas Eve party this year, I thought I would at least make a donation appropriate for this family. I am bringing home a 1.75 L bottle of Drambuie for everyone enjoy! Sorry, no Irish Mist, Paul. Oh yeah, and if I were going to be there, I too would vote for all presents at once, and I guess soup would be fine with me also.
    [KATY] 12/16/99 - Hey Paul, i was wrong. youre not boring anymore, you were just saving up. but i am waiting to see if you will actually follow through on your proposal to uncle rich concerning the bottle of Irish Mist.
    [KATY] 12/16/99 - oh, and Paul, i agree with Joanna, Thin Lizzy is not crap, i think they were the original singers of your favorite song, "Birds of a Feather"
    [A-1] 12/17/99 - A-1 would hate to spread a nasty rumor about a family member. However, here goes. Rich after a looong evening at a family party allegedly pulled Al's name from a grab bag drawing and asked "Who is A-1?". Now would Rich be confused at the end of an evening? The name has lingered and personally I do like the steak sauce.
    [JOANNA] 12/17/99 - Mike, I would like to officially declare you my new favorite cousin, that is unless someone else would like that honor. All you have to do is bring a bottle of Absolut to the festivities. Oh ya, and can we open all the gifts at the same time?
    [PAUL] 12/17/99 - To Dave K. - we have grass roots support for simultaneous-gift-opening! Mike and Joanna are on board! We can make this happen! Remember, no one thought Hickory could beat South Bend Central ("And David reached in his bag and pulled out a stone and flung it and it struck the Philistine in the side of the head and he fell to the ground. Amen.....I love you guys.....TEAM!") and look what happened! All we need is Jimmy C. to make the big shot for us.
    [PAUL] 12/17/99 - To the Judge Family Women's Leadership Council - I can comprimise. Let's negotiate. I'll be flexible on the Soup if you will give in to simultaneous-gift-opening. The ball's in your court. Let's talk.
    [JOANNA] 12/17/99 - Paul, I have always been a staunch supporter of opening gifts at the same time, unfortunately, we have formidable opposition on this matter. I personally have reservations about tangling with the Judge Womens Coalition (AKA: the Sisters from Hell), however, if we persevere, maybe someday, we shall overcome. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!
    [KATY] 12/17/99 - to mike, paul, joanna, mean uncle dave, and other members of the revolution. i am throwing my support your way on the idea of opening present all at once. i have an idea that would bring the sisters from hell coalition down. we'll run the picket fence on them. paul, youre the swing man.
    [KATY] 12/17/99 - dan i have to ask, what in the hell is FBDO? did i miss a meeting or what?
    [A SISTER FROM HELL] 12/17/99 - DO NOT MESS WITH THE SISTERS!! Gifts shall be opened according to the sisters!! or all shall be "DO-DOed", (just ask Rich!!!)
    [BETTY] 12/17/99 - Excuse me Paul, did you say something? --Auntie -- --Betty,aka, the godfather.
    [GLORIA] 12/18/99 - To the Sisters From Hell.......Are you on drugs?????? or has Paul upset you that much?
    [GLORIA] 12/18/99 - What happened to "It's a wonderful life?" Get a hold of yourself, people.
    [JOANNA] 12/18/99 - So I got two Christmas cards yesterday! Turns out they were the exact same card, very pretty with a bunny rabbit on the front. Funny thing was, one was from "Pat and Al" and the other was from "Al and Pat". So I guess now I have to send them another card, and sign it "Maggie and Joanna". Sheesh!!
    [KAREN and SARAH] 12/18/99 - If we open all the presents at once, then everyone has to pay attention while each person shows what they got. It's fair and logical, and will stifle the resistance.
    [KAREN] 12/18/99 - Paul is no longer allowed to talk, see, write, or associate AT ALL with Uncle Dave K.
    [SARAH] 12/18/99 - Katie, You have jumped on the bandwagon. it's going to fail. and hey, BLONDIE it's Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I went into your room to learn how to spell it correctly. DUH!
    [PAUL] 12/18/99 - What I feared most has happened. I woke the sleeping giant - the Godmother! Betty: I think we need to meet. I know a nice little Italian place. They have the best veal in the city. Dave K. will arrange security. Please confirm.
    [AL and PAT...or is that PAT and AL] 12/18/99 - O.K. Joanna we are going to have to send everybody two cards.
    [PAT, aka Sister from Hell-Eastern] 12/18/99 - What is all of this present opening discussion....As a card carrying member of the S.F.H. I must say that this only open to discussion by the Council of S.F.H. Now there is a sub section the Cousins from Hell..Amy, Karen, Joanna, Sarah and Katie. Lauren is in training and will have full voting rights very soon. Joanna and Katie sound like they will need some attitude adjustment before any further meetings.
    [PAT] 12/18/99 - I have received packages from Gloria, Amy, Carol, and Kathy. I unpacked all of them together. Afterwards I found a card with my name on it and I do not know whose box it came from. Also should I open it now or wait?
    [BETTY] 12/19/99 - Well, the Pope has spoken, and even the godfather has to listen to the pope. Paul, I will meet you at your designated place, however, you had better watch out when I come out of the bathroom. My consiglieri will contact Luca to set it all up. Also, tell Karen she'd better sleep in the spare room for a few nights.
    [KAREN] 12/19/99 - i hear there is going to be FREE soup at christmas eve...oh wait, that's FRESH soup. To SFH: BYOD on Christmas Eve -- that's Bring Your Own Depends.
    [AMY] 12/19/99 - I cannot go against the family, I agree with opening presents one at a time...Katy and Joanna - you are no longer considered my sisters...why don't you go fishing in Lake Tahoe...As for me, as the eldest of the family-I am not going through any toll booths.
    [AMY] 12/19/99 - Patchouli smells like feet
    [AMY] 12/19/99 - To the AllAtOneTime contingent: don't get stuck watching the paint dry
    [GLORIA] 12/19/99 - I am a humble servant of the "pope". As a Sister-In-Law From Hell I will abide by the "pope's" decision on gift opening. And I surely don't want to offend the "godfather".....look what happened to Connie's husband.
    [PAUL] 12/20/99 - That's it. We're going to the mattresses.
    [DAN] 12/20/99 - Amy, if you start screwing up this website, I'll personally hide-strap your butt to a pine rail and send you up the Monnon line! Love, George.
    [KATY] 12/20/99 - To Paul. No need to go to the mattresses. Leave it up to me. In the eternal words of a young Jimmy C. "I'll Make It"
    [KATY] 12/20/99 - To Amy. No, get it right I'm going PHising near Lake Okechobie, in Southern Florida.
    [KATY] 12/20/99 - Hey dan, don't forget to leave the ball
    [SARAH] 12/20/99 - Hey Paul, can you pick me up on Christmas Eve? I gotta get some Canoli.
    [DAVE K] 12/21/99 - To all for opening gifts at once: Keep a clear eye. That's a narrow road they're coming down. If we stack them up it will take hours for them to get on line.
    [DAVE K] 12/21/99 - 1.What goes? Paul. Looks like there's the devil to pay. Can you hold? 2. Looks like it's time for the old Billy Barue. Billy, Billy, Billy. 3. Let's not end up in the lumberyard. 4. I came to the XMAS eve dinner for the soup. I was misinformed.
    [BETTY] 12/21/99 - What in the he_ _ is uncle dave babbling about? He sounds like Fredo and we all know what happened to him. And don't forget who Luca Brazzi ended up swimming with.
    [PAUL] 12/22/99 - Friday is the day I settle all family business.