The Judge Family Christmas Wish List

Well, here it is. Here's where you look for ideas on what to get your grab-bag recipient. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list. If everyone uses it, it'll work out nicely and very anonymously.

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SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Marc Kathy Duke Dan
HUNTER FAMILY Dave Betty Amy Joanna Sarah Katy
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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A-1 Harvey

thick terry bathrobe..the old one is very baaad..would you believe bare threads
business casual shirts..short or long sleeve..17/33
business casual slacks..dockers..38x29
wallett for credit cards
wrist be used to shoot at the neighbors cats. should come with bail bond certificate which will be needed after the neighbors complain to police.

Pat Harvey

polarfleece top...straight hem not banded, size med
dockers size 10 med..i have navy and khaki colors
Neil Diamonds latest cd..i saw it at that other store...K-Mart
instant read digital oven thermometer..yes i do occasionally cook moth ball candies.
Video Tape - The Quiet Man (John Wayne)
these are just ideas---all other suggestions or ideas accepted.

James Harvey

Garth Brooks-- Double Live cd
Swing- Cherry Pop'n Daddies cd
James Bond movies--any
Tux shirt 18"neck
Button down shirts
Socks- gym type

Joan Harvey

Bath bubbles etc...
crew neck sweaters- cotton or wool (med.)
Cardigans- cotton or wool (med.)
oxford shirts long sleeve (med. --size 6 or 8)
watch on a chain or clip

Matthew and Thomas Harvey

Battle squad--any
GI Joe- action figures and accessories
Ultimate Soldier, these items will work with the GI Joe stuff
Lego- any
Matt- tops size 10-12
Thomas- tops size 8-10
Both boys want games: Upwords, Life, Operation

Scott Harvey

1) Borders Books gift certificate
2) Barnes and Noble gift certificate
3) Sweat pants for jogging (large)
4) Chicago size soft ball
5) New golf bag
6) New Volkswagon Beetle
7) Shirts. Large or Extra Large
8) NFL Football

Kim Harvey

anything for the house would be a good idea.
No dirty jokes!!!!!!!!!!!
1) king size sheets - white (regular or flannel)
2) Double size sheets - white (regular)
3) Single size sheets - white (regular)
4) Double size bed blanket - white
5) Biege bath towels
6) kitchen utensil canister
7) Flannel pajamas
8) anything from Victoria Secret (no dirty jokes!!!)
9) Dark brown leather gloves - size 8
10) Dining room table cloth - 72/104 (biege or any natural color)
11) Dining room table linens/place mats/napkins (any natural color)
12) trouser socks (black)
13) Saturday Night Fever Video


Dave Kruswicki

Chanel, pour Monsieur, Protection Concentrate @ Marshall Fields
Cluas DuBois Merlot

Kathy Kruswicki

Sag Harbor wool blazer, grey or plum plaid, size 20 (Available at Marshall Field's, $39.95). BH will be happy to shop for it if any out of towners hve KK's name. (for a nominal fee of course).
5-1/2 Quart Slow Cooker @ Kohl's
Bread Maker
Wallet, French Style, Check W/ Karen H.
Big Sweater, Vee Neck, Dark Blue or Red

Karen Halaburt

Longsleeve white t-shirt (med)
Monogrammed note cards (white or beige) w/ letter H
ARIA pajamas (pants & long sleeve top)
Flannel pants (size Med)
Floating candle bowl & candles
1999 Anne Geddes Wall calendar

Paul Halaburt

Non-magnetic money clip
Casual longsleeve work shirts (size XL)
Cotton socks for work
Winter gloves (black leather) Size L

Timmy Halaburt

He will take what ever any one chooses!!


Carol Schnolis

A good set of King size water bed sheets
Stainless flatware for kitchen
Clinique Aromatics Elixir body cream
The Parent Trap Movie (the new one, not the original)

Michael Schnolis

Titanium bubble II driver
Titlest professional x-out golf balls
Chicago stuff
Cubs/White Sox/Bears stuff
Subscription to Sporting News magazine
Purdue hat, fitted size 71/2 or adjustable
Purdue stuff

Lynn Schnolis

Kitchen Aid stand up mixer attachments MArtini stirrers Martini shaker CD's: Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, Celine Dion Christmas
Silver picture frames
a good set of steak knives
magazines: People, Town &Country, Martha Stewart Living
Shirts and tops from the Gap or Banana Republic
A new robe
Some new dark colored socks (solid or patterned, not too heavy weight)
hair bobby pins or clips
MAC lipsticks
Candles (despite Mike shutting me off)
A swatch watch
The Parent Trap movie-new and old version
martini glasses

Elizabeth Schnolis

hair bows/barrettes
snow white long johns/pj's or the night gown if you can find it from disney
Pink Robe at Target-size 4
Barnyard bingo game
press on earrings
a wagon
white leather keds size 9
sing a long VCR tapes and cassettes (some have books too)
a doll and some doll stuff like a stroller or bed
Anything Disney
a twin sheet set
Blues Clues cd rom game

Marc Schnolis

Final Fantasy VII CD ROM Game (if you haven't gotten it yet, I'd rather have the game for Sony PlayStation)
Hallmark Boba Fett Ornament
Hootie and the Blowfish CD - Musical Chairs
Fannie Mae - Carmarshes
Sports Authority Gift Certificates
Breath of Fire III for Playstation
Top Flight Golf Balls
B. Dalton or Walden Books Gift Certificates
Tie Tacks (the kind that have the chain through the button hole.)

Kathy Schnolis

Pfaltzgraf Christmas Dishes - Nordic Pattern. (Have glasses and bowls - Need Mugs, Dinner Plates and accessories)
Tommy Girl or Chloe Perfumes
Bath and Body Works or Lane Bryant Gift Certificates
Yankee Candle Company Candles (Rainforest, Morning Mist or Bay Breeze)
Fannie Mae Trinidads
Movies: The Parent Trap (new version, not old), The X-Files, The Truman Show
Books: Anne Rivers Siddons - Low Country
Barbara Delinsky - Coast Road
CD's: Hope Floats Soundtrack
Rent - Broadway Cast Recording
Ragtime - Revival Cast Recording
Rosie O'Donnel Ornament (available at K-Mart only)

Duke Schnolis

Umm...let's see. I wouldn't mind having some more clothes---sweatshirts, ties, t-shirts (BIG DOGS are a long-standing favorite), and even some polo shirts. You know me and sizes: as big as you can get. Usually 3X is about right, but 4X if it exists.
Gift Certificates from various places are good, too, like bookstores, computers software places, or even Home Depot would be great.
Casablanca DVD
Dead Poet's Society DVD
Gone With the Wind DVD
Awakenings DVD
In the Line of Fire DVD
Sleepless in Seattle DVD
Hey, Dan, good idea--a lava lamp would be cool.

Dan Schnolis

A nice fleece jacket (XXXL)
Nice tee-shirts (Big Dogs are nice, but I need others to complement my wardrobe.)
A would like a lava lamp with royal blue lava.
computer software to manage my finances.
Books about Chicago.
1998 Ford F150.
Heavy XXXL sweatshirts from colleges or elsewhere.
hand held poker game
i the Helwein painting called "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (If anyone can find just the poster itself, you don't have to buy the expensive framed version.)
The old Illinois Central, South Shore and Elevated loop posters.


Dave Hunter

Long polar fleece, zip up, size XXL tall, manly colors.
Long "lined" flannel shirt. size XXL tall, manly colors.
Wool sox.
Grey or black regular length crew sox.

Betty Hunter

CALPHALON Chef's pan, 4 qt. On sale at Field's 39.99.
CUISINART Whistling Tea Kettle (silver). Also at Field's $39.99.
Digital bathroom scale with large number readout. (No comments about large capacity!)
I can always use tops/blouses/sweaters for work. Any color. Any weight. 2X or 20/22W.
A lightweight beige cardigan, longer length.
Small black over the shoulder bag with a couple of sections, i.e., for money; credit cards; glasses; etc.
Since I took so long in getting ideas on line, anything anyone may have already picked out is perfectly fine.

Amy Hunter

Bruce Springsteen boxed CD set (it is $49.88 at Target!!)
U2 CD.."1980-1990" or something like that...the new one
Flannel PJs, lds. XL, button-up front and no-elastic ankles
Black and Decker PartyMate - it's a cordless blender..."portable Daquiritas"

Joanna Hunter

Book: Malachy McCourt - A Monk Swimming
Book: The Phish Book (should be in music section)
Book: The Pharmers Almanac, Volume 5 (should be by phish book)
Music: Pink Floyd, darkside of the moon
PJ bottoms, mens XXL, (not flannel)
socks, any color(s) but white

Sarah Hunter

Sony disc man. (No car attachments needed, already has. Has to be Sony to go with accessories from one that she already has. $49.00 at target this week.)
Indiana Jones trilogy.
Sweaters. sz 1x or 2 x
"Armageddon" movie
"X-files" movie.
"Seven Years in Tibet" movie.
The Die Hard triology.
red mazda miata.
or dark green taurus.

Katy Hunter

1) that cute sweater on the cover of the Eddie Bauer fall catalog (also on pg one)pumpkin color, sz large
2) a walkman for those lonely train rides
3) Bannan Republic "Classic" perfume
4) socks, socks, and more socks!(they always seem to get lost or stolen at my house)
5) the Phish book
6) Jains Joplin greatest hits CD
7) a silver Volkswagon beetle(i swear i did not copy off Scott, I had the idea also!)


Rich Judge

Dockers - Size 38/30
Business Casual Long Sleeve Shirt - Size 16 !/2 neck, 34 sleeve (regular fit)
Business Tie
Jeans (see
comments, below)

Gloria Judge

Light cotton, soft winter pj's (2 piece or nightshirt) Size L
Crochet Look Shoulder bag in black (I think it's called "The Sack" - Margie Boersma has one)
Black Leather Keds Size 8 (Casual)

Lauren Judge

Baggy jeans - Size 7
Garth Brooks "Sevens"
Movie - "Small Soldiers" Videocassette
Sweater Vest - Forest or Olive Green, Size Med


Here is the place for comments. If you send me something you want printed, I'll print it here.

Amy Hunter: And you guys thought I was nuts because I started the "pet" grab bag last year!!!!
Amy Hunter: Uncle Rich needs MORE Dockers??!!
Betty Hunter: What about A1? Anonymous
Rich Judge: Please add jeans to my list so Amy will quit picking on me.
Al Harvey: A-1 is in hiding. He got caught throwing rocks at neighbor cats. Pat does not cook moth ball candies. She eats them. The thermometer is for the occasion when I am inspired to cook a roast.
Joan Harvey: Tippy and Sidney certainly enjoyed the pet list and want to know if they get to go out shopping again this year.
Duke Schnolis: Bogart the ever playful is glad to join the pet exchange.
Katy Hunter: Aunt Pat, did you really think we didnt know John Wayne was in The Quiet Man?
Bogart Schnolis: I gratefully accept the fact that I'm the cutest dog ever. (translated by Duke)
Duke Schnolis: Hey, do we have a price limit on the pet exchange? Bogart wants to know how much of his allowance he'll have to forfeit for Madison.
Duke Schnolis: Betty suggested $5 for the dog exchange. Any thoughts?
Amy Hunter: Lauren...has informed me that Jazmine's name is spelled incorrectly on the list. I think the names came from Uncle Rich, who first lost the names and then spelled his own dog's name wrong. I don't think he should be in charge of the grab bags (pets or not) from now on.
Buzz Hunter: Where can one purchase a toy or rawhide that is shaped and flavored like an ear of corn? I know that is Duchess's preference, but I am having a hard time finding anything of that nature at the finer pet stores here in town. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You and Happy Holidays, Buzz
Marc Schnolis: It's nice tos ee so many of my family members getting ready to give me business as soon as I'm out of here.
Rich Judge: I asked my dog how to spell her name, and she said S-M-0-K-E-Y then she went out and barked at an airplane.
Rich Judge: To Amy: I have asked for more jeans and promise to never again mention dockers.
Joan Harvey: I am so glad to see that we again have a pet exchange. Sidney is so excited!!!! Sid went right out and selected Bogart's gift.... and caused quite a stir in the store. Tippy is such a snob, she has her own personal shopper. But she will be happy to participate in the exchange.
Katy Hunter: Look who's whose become a fairweather Cubs fan since he's married a young lady named Lynn from the north side.
Duke Schnolis: Sorry for the shutdown, gang. I don't know why that happened, but thanks for all of the email!
Duke Schnolis: I've been out sick for the past three or four days, so I apologize for any delays in the updates. I'll get right on it tomorrow morning when I get into to work.
Betty Hunter (a suggestion): Could the people Email the parents/spouses/significant others the information on what has been purchased so we can buy from what's left on the list?
Lynn Schnolis: In his absence, I will speak for Mike(who is unable to comment at the moment) that he still shows preference for the White Sox, despite my influence.
Duchess Schnolis: Is Schultz II a cat or a dog? The only small, soft toys with a bell in them that I can find are for cats!
Rich Judge: Katy, please clarify exactly where the Bannan Republic is. Do we need a passport to get there just to buy cologne? Sounds like a central African country to me.
Schultzie Harvey II: I wish to report that i am a dog not an i would love a bag of snausages. i am only allowed one a day as there are some humans here that say that i have a gas problem if i eat too many of them. I heard that uncle rich has the same problem.
Anonymous: Guess who has actually purchased a pair of dockers to give to their name? Uncle Rich, the ball is now in your court.
Tom Judge: Harriet (Hairy-It) wonders about all those canines on the list and only one feline to break the monotony. Can't some one at least have goldfish or a parakeet?
Duke Schnolis: I wanted to put "Lazy"--my pet rock--on there, but he was voted down. I mentioned it was discrimination against non-living pets, but he didn't object when I told him so I dropped the issue.
Amy Hunter: The Hunter's have their aluminum pole up for the Holidays, and are busy practicing for the feats of strength. I think most of us have aired our grievances on this web page. Happy Festivus!!
Anonymous: I think the Hunter's should not let Amy on the computer when she has been up all night working and comes home in a silly mood.
Gloria Judge: Don't Kevin and John want anything for Christmas? Or have they been bad? Also, it was another Judge Family moment at Betty's house on Sunday.....the guys were watching "Christmas Vacation" laughing at the sames lines every year, Katy was calling Carol a "cookie rookie" and Amy was just laughing at anything (She's been working too hard).
Joan Harvey: I am under the impression that Harriet is a cat. (I apologize if I am wrong). I wanted to let you know that Tippy is a cat. She is a snotty one at that. There are also other animals that live in this house. We also have Huckle the hamster and Joey the mouse.


Well, here it is---the newly established Pet Exchange. The pet listed on the left will be giving a gift to the pet listed on the right. Questions? Send 'em my way.

Bogart SchnolisMadison Harvey
Jazmine Judge Tippy Harvey
Tippy Harvey Maggie Hunter
Hairy-It Judge Sydney Harvey
Buzz Hunter Duchess Schnolis
Maggie Hunter Jazmine Judge
Sydney Harvey Bogart Schnolis
Madison Harvey Buzz Hunter
Duchess Schnolis Schultz II Harvey
Schultz II Harvey Hairy-It Judge
Schultz II Harvey: Schultzie has very small teeth and and needs soft treats. He also likes something with a bell in it. Also he would love to have his very own live mole to chase around the house. I can just picture the holes dug in the living room carpet.

Pets in the Penalty Box

a.k.a. Dogs with Time-Outs

Jazmine Judge: About half an hour ago she got some chicken breasts off the counter and swallowed them down. I give her another hour before her guts let loose with some bad stuff.
Bogart Schnolis: Earlier today he learned how to knock something off the counter and consumed more than half of a homemade pumpkin pie. What made it worse was the "it's not like it had whipped cream or anything" look on his face.