The (extremely late) 2007 Judge Family Christmas Wish List  
(or, the year Linda took over the family webpage…which is why it's up extremely late!)
  Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 11:55 AM  
  Well, my good peoples, yet another year has gone by, and we have once again reached the time of year where the Judge clan royally insults one another in the name of gifts, er, I mean family. Along with all the other changes time brings, the torch has been passed from Duke, to Danny, and now to me!  (Don't worry ladies, I'll make us proud!!)    
  Since this website is being operated remotely from Philadelphia, I beg pardon from all of you out there in Chi-town for not including any of the clan updates...I can fill the gaps with pictures of Zoey and Amaya!  How's that?  Besides, this is just the preliminary page, so as we get closer to the big day, this page will look better and far as the Wonder Twins are not home so I can work on the webpage!  
  PLEASE NOTE: Complaints on the non-traditional Xmas colors will not be tolerated…variations of orange and brown are ALWAYS in!!  
  Here are the links to some of the previous years Christmas pages:  
  2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999  
  The Harvey Group  
  Pat   Al  
  James (June 19th)   Joan (Nov 14th)  
  Fire and Rescue, police t-shirts in size XL-2X   Unusual kitchen tools  
  Giftcards- Southwest, Target, Macy's     White Chef's coat or a pattern for one  
  Henley shirts- XL       Giftcards- Macy's, Target, Kohls, JoAnn Fabrics, Southwest  
  Matthew (April 3rd) Thomas (Nov 16th) Emily (Oct 3rd)
  M.O.L.LE gear, any (Black)   American Girl Doll Stuff  
  Tactical Gear, any (surprise me)   Books- Most of the books she reads are at a 5th grade level  
  any U.S Naval Academy, U.S Air Force Academy, or U.S Military Academy Apparel. (Size: Small)   Math workbooks for 2nd-3rd grade  
  Nomex Aviator's Gloves (Black or Sage) (Size M/L)    Hair clips etc...  
  an Appointment to any of the U.S Service Academies   Small earrings - no gold  
  a Congressional Nomination for any of the U.S Service Academies   Sweaters and Tops- size 8 or 10   
  Cash     Pajamas- size 8 or 10  
  Please NO College stuff...     Gloves    
  Scott   Kim  
  World Atlas     Comfy P.J.'s  (M)    
  Bookstore gift Certificate     Soft Robe    
  Video/CD series "Piece O Cake"   Lotions and Potions    
  Best of Mad Magazines Artists     A new hammer    
      Soft Socks    
  Peyton (7 years, Dec 27th)   Rachel (4 years, Feb 12th)  
  board games       coloring books  
  Gameboy Game       washable markers  
  department store gift certificate       colored pencils  
  stationary       board games  
          beginner books  
  The Kruswicki Klatch  
  Kathy (Aug 26th)   Dave (March 15th)  
  Canister set (clear) or (red)…like the ceramic set with tight lids   Clos Du Bois pinot noir   
  Mock turtleneck shirts.  (navy blue, cream, white, grey)   Kahlua     
  Flannel lined jeans or corduroys, Size 16   Binny's beverage depot gift card  
  NO DVDs or CDs (we don't know how to work our dvd player and I don't have a cd player)        
  Giftcards: Kohls, JC Penneys, Target        
  Karen (Nov 9th)   Paul (Nov 21st)  
  Ann Taylor Loft Gift Card     iTunes Gift Card    
  Black Scarf           
  Keith Urban Greatest Hits CD          
  Shea Body Butter from The Body Shoppe          
  Tim (Aug 20th) Joey (May 9th)   Molly (May 26th)  
  Borders Gift Card Bears stuff   Polly Pocket stuff  
  puzzles   Borders Gift Card   Littlest Pet Shop stuff  
  Tech Deck Dudes stuff Target Gift Card   High School Musical 2 CD  
    Tech Deck dude stuff   Arts and Crafts stuff  
  Kevin (Nov 22nd)   Jessica (Aug 7th)  
  golf balls   Macys gift card  
  wine   iTunes gift card  
  Dicks Sporting Gooods gift card      
  John (March 7th)   Casey (July 31st)  
  iTunes giftcard   Yankee Candle (SoHo) available at Kohls: Ivy and Mistletoe or any berry scent  
      Catch Phrase, Music Edition  
      Thick head bands  
    Hannah Jane (6 months, June 6th)    
    Warm sleepers, size 6-9 for now, 12 months soon    
    Clippie bows    
    Any kind of baby toy    
  The Schnolis Posse  
  Carol (Sept 14th)  
  Indoor/Outdoor thermometer  
  Clinique AROMATIC ELIXIR Body Lotion (comes in a tube) and Shower Gel  
  Estee Lauder BEAUTIFUL body lotion  
  Sweatshirts/Shirts/Sweaters, Size 1X  
  Pants, Size L or 14/16  
  Mike (July 25th)   Lynn (Dec 25th)  
  Click on the individual items to get to the webpage where you can find my wishlist items!!   Orange Ginger scent aromatherapy products from Bath and Body Works  
  Purdue Fleece Top     any Gold Bond cream in the pump  
  White Sox Visor     Anything from Williams Sonoma  
  Purdue Visor   Holiday boxed set of Rudolph, Frosty, etc. (I saw it at Walmart; it has like 5 DVDs)  
  Purdue Putter Cover   The Bishop's Wife DVD  
  White Sox Golf Towel      
  "Planet Earth" DVD Set        
  Golf Balls - Titleist NXT Tour        
  Elizabeth Emma Grant  
  Peppermint TWist stuff Bath and Body works   anything horses   Thomas the tank engine trains, buildings, track or anything  
  Gift Cards   Loves books, especially junie b jones and other early readers   Wiggles DVD's (any) has none but loves the show  
  Girlie things - bath and body, the body shop, jewelry, Claire's make-up etc., starting to turn into a teen   i tunes cards   Trucks, cars etc.  
  Marc (March 11th)+B134  
  Duke (March 10th)   Linda (June 3rd)  
      Shark™ Limited Edition Cordless Hand Vacuum With Motorized Brush  
      Conair Palm Press Iron  
      Motivational Moments 2008 Day-at-a-Time Boxed Calendar  
      365 Stupidest Things Ever Said™ 2008 Boxed Calendar  
      Multi Colored Summit Complete Bed Ensemble-Size King (Bed Bath & Beyond)  
      Cuisinart® Smart Stick® Hand Blender  
      Car charger for 30G iPod w/video  
      Monster iCarPlay Cassette Adapter (a must for the 13 hour road trips!!)  
      Giftcards to AC Moore or Michaels  
  Zoey and Amaya (12 months, Dec 5th)  
  CLICK HERE FOR "little tikes" TOYS WISHLIST!!!!!  
  Bath seat (preferably folding) gift certificates (can purchase online)
  babylegs (organic please…eczema) TAP 529 education fund contributions    
  Danny (June 25th)   Katie  
  [TOOLS] Ryobi 18volt cordless IMPACT DRIVER available at Home Depot.   Chia! Homer (available at Walgreens)  
  [BOOK] "The Encyclopedia of Chicago" by J. Grossman, Keating and Reiff. Hardbound and used is fine with me.   Beauty: Body by Victoria perfume or lotion from Victoria's Secret  
  [CLOTHES] Black Gold Toe brand "Big & Tall Crew" sox for someone who wears size 13 shoes.   Beauty: "Victoria's Secret PINK™ Must-have Mini Keychain" Mini perfume and lotion.  (That's what it's really called on the website!)  
  [CLOTHES] White Gold Toe brand "Big & Tall Crew" sox for someone who wears size 13 shoes.   Beauty: Invent Your Scent-the collection from The Body Shop -- online discount at  
  [DVD] MASH seasons 10 and 11.   CD: The Postal Service: Give Up  
  [MAGAZINE] Reorder of "The Family Home Handyman" magazine subscription (see Dave Hunter).   Gift Card: Best Buy  
  [GAMES] "Super Collapse! 3" for Nintendo DS.   Gift Card: Old Navy  
  [GAMES] "Ultimate Mortal Kombat" for Nintendo DS.   Clothing: Simpsons Men's Loungewear (pj top and bottoms) from Target "I am so smrt", size large  
  [GAMES] "Tetris DS" for Nintendo DS.   Other stuff on my wishlist  
  [GAMES] "Snood 2" for Nintendo DS.      
  [GAMES] "Monopoly/Boggle/Yahtzee/Battleship" for Nintendo DS.      
  [STUFF] Berland's House of Tools gift cards.      
  [STUFF] Lowe's gift cards.      
  [STUFF] Giftcards to Marcus and AMC theaters      
  The Hunter Clan  
  Betty (Nov 7th)   Dave (July 10th)  
  Macy’s gift card       
  Lightweight/short sleeve/Capri or reg length pj’s, Size 2x      
  Gold or silver 1-inch hoop earrings      
  Black tights, Queen size      
  Amy (March 14th)  
  Joanna (Sept 14th)  
  Warm pajama bottoms (bottoms only), Size mens or ladies XL (flannel or warmer)  
  Couple pairs of warm slipper socks (Target has a nice selection), any color  
  Lane Bryant or Old Navy gift certificates (need some work clothes!)    
  Socks, Size 9-10, fun patterns and stripes...knee socks are ok.    
  More gift ideas at my wish list on!  
  Sarah (June 14th)  
  Katy (March 3rd)   Adam (Jan 1)  
  I-tunes giftcards   itunes giftcards  
  any classic rock albums on vinyl (we got an old record player going again -- great sound!  PLEASE NO RUSH - used are OK!)   "The Simpsons Movie" on DVD  
  Bass Pro-shop giftcards   grill-themed cookbook  
  Target giftcards   Sears giftcard  
  The Judge Clique  
  Rich (April 8th)   Gloria (June 11th)  
  Dockers: Black or Dark Gray, Flat Front, Size 38W x 30L 3/4 length sleeve blouses for work, Size XL   
  Notre Dame Sweatshirt or Long Sleeve light weight crew - XL   Business casual crew neck colored tops,   
  White Sox Sweatshirt XL   size XL, 3/4 length sleeves  
      (3/4 sleeves make me look taller)  
  Lauren (July 16th)  
  Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD Once DVD (will be released on December 18)    
  Monty Python's The Life of Brian DVD Sweeney Todd Soundtrack- CD (Tim Burton/Johnny Depp one)…also out on the 18th  
  Father Ted Season 1 DVD    
  The Simpsons Movie DVD      
  Pajama pants, Size M-L      
  Anything "Doctor Who" related      
  Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly      
  Again, I know it's really late, but if anyone still would like to post gift ideas and/or comments, please send them to…all posts will be up within 24 hours of receipt of email…promise!  
  LINDA: Seriously fam, my apologies for the delay in getting the site up and running.  I totally bullied Danny into letting me help (you know Danny's a creampuff), then I got all excited about ideas, and then…well, here's the page almost a month late.  But, since you are all such good hearted people, and this is the season for forgiving, I know we'll all laugh about'll go like this..."remember that year the page didn't go up until Dec 10th!?!?!  Hahaha, that was so funny!  Who was in charge of that?...Linda, oh yeah...haha...wait, I'm still mad at her about that...."....Ok so hopefully it doesn't go like that, but you get my drift....;-D  
  Uncle Rich you've got really short legs!!!! --  Anonymous  
  GLORIA: Great holiday birthday party, Carol! The twins sure are cute - real party girls.  They really enjoyed themselves!!!!
  LINDA: Aw Kathy for shame!!!  You've got all those grands and STILL don't know how to work the DVD player?!?! :P
  LINDA: Hey all…can you send me ages and birthdays of kids?  I'd like to create a family calendar.  Adults, can you send me your birthdays?  If you don't want me to post the data on the page, let me know that as well, ok?
  SARAH: New Irish whiskey: FECKIN IRISH WHISKEY…***less Chaps, size short, for the short legged gentlemen
  AMY: Dockers doesn't make ***less chaps!
  LINDA: Bless your hearts for being so patient with me updating this site…I am suffering from a head cold and my sinuses are so blocked I get dizzy while sitting down! :(
  LINDA: Hey…I'm missing gift ideas!  In my delirium, I may have missed some, but if I don't have your wishlist, please (re)send it to me?  There are still a few more shopping days till the big show! :P