The 2006 Judge Family Christmas Wish List
and Comments Page!
Wednesday, December 20, 2006, 3:49 AM
So the 2006 edition of the Judge Family Christmas Web page is officially online. In fact, you're looking at it right now! This is now our ninth year of having this silly Web site online. Can you believe it? For the most part, the old pages from Christmas past are linked below, but are no longer available under the old URLs.
It doesn't matter who has been naughty or nice any more because we've eliminated Santa, the overfed middleman, for our celebration of contemporary Christmas. Since we'll be buying for each other, the spending limit on grab bag presents is again $25. Grab bag names were finally chosen on Nov. 11 during the November birthday celebration at Karen and Paul's home in Grayslake, Wis. The coordination of this year's Christmas draft was executed and overseen by Carol and Jo, which seems conspicuous in its own way since they both share the same birthday. Please direct all inquiries about this site to <>.
Here are some links to the previous Christmas pages
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harvey family
  pat   al  
  Chieftains CD "Boil the Breakfast Early" (The one with Mrs. Judge on it)   Flannel shirts size L or XL if they look small  
  Christmas CDs. Check with A1 to see if I have a particular one.   Batting glove for softball  
  Surprise me!   Golf glove  
  james       joan      
  Henley shirts XL   "Two Lights" CD by Five for Fighting  
  White dress shirt 18-18 1/2 neck   Small plain tea kettle  
  Binoculars   White chef's coat size small  
  giftcards to   Magnetic wall-mounted knife rack- any length but 18"  
  "American V: A Hundred Highways" CD by Johnny Cash   Giftcards to: Target, Kohls, Macy's (it will always be Hechts to me), Victoria's Secret  
  Large T-shirts from area fire dept., police and rescue.   A very basic toaster in white without bells and whistles  
  Giftcards to      
  Giftcards to      
  matthew   thomas   emily    
  Cash Cash Scrap booking items- anything  
  Amazon gift card Zippos Junie B books  
  Tactical gear (MOLLE Leg Platform Gas Mask Pouch Black .. Gas Mask Pouch is 10x10x3") Gift cards to AA Batteries  
  (MOLLE gear for my tac. vest) Gift cards to Hair clips etc  
  Tactical MOLLE radio case for tac vest and harness...aprox(4in x 2.5in) Gift cards to Best Buy disposible cameras  
  Anything Navy, Marines, or AirForce...size M or S shirt "33 Months As A POW In Stalag American Girl Doll stuff (registered  
    Luft III" by A.P. Clark online at ) Gift Certificate I would like my book back that was lent to the Hunters Clothing- sweaters, vests, knit tops, sweatshirts- size 7  
  Gall's Giftcard Gift cards to the The Regimental Quartermaster Math workbooks for first grade Giftcard CD-The Best of the small earrings- no yellow gold  
    Royal Guardsmen    
  Airsoft Guns (doesnt matter) DVD-28 Days Later    
  (Subdued) American Flag (small)(2in x 3in) DVD-Apocalypse Now Redux    
  DiMarzio Pedal Coupler Cables (1-2) DVD-Full Metal Jacket    
  Guitar/Amp Cables Book-Devil in the White City    
  Money for new AMP/Guitar (my other ones are dying) DVD-Gods and Generals    
  scott       kim      
  peyton   rachel    
kruswicki family
  kathy   dave  
  A long neck scarf to go with my black wool coat.   Clos du Bois Pinot Noir  
  Long sleeve tee shirts, not turtleneck, size 2x   Golf balls  
  Gold earrings with two circles, dangly. ( I lost one of the set I had)      
  Gift card to Kohl's      
  A White Sox wall calendar or an Irish wall calendar (or both, one for home and one for work)      
  I don't need any White Sox tee shirts since the boys at the ballgame took care of that.      
  A three or two tiered tray for serving (cookies/goodies)      
  A Christmas tablecloth (60 X 84 or 7=60 X 102)      
  LLBean "large, long handled tote bag" Color:cocoa      
  karen       paul      
  Old Navy Holiday Sleep Sets (Red or White) Size Medium   RedHead® Canvas Utility Pants for Men - Flannel-Lined -(Size 38x34) at Bass Pro Shop  
  Black leather checkbook wallet   Gift cards to Bass Pro Shop  
  Body Shop Body Butter (Shea Butter or Almond Butter)   Men's dress shirts (size XL)  
  Body Shop Almond Oil Daily Hand and Nail Cream      
  Pajamas (size Medium)      
  Sweaters (size Medium) (lightweight)      
  Queen Size Cotton Blanket (Beige or Gold)      
  Gift Cards to Bed Bath and Beyond      
  timmy   joey   molly    
  Plant frog habitat Cars DVD Sleeping Bag (anything princess)  
  Lego V-Wing Fighter Wrestling Figures Nightgown (Size 3T) (Princess or Dora)  
  Lego B-Wing Fighter Bears Tshirts/jersey (likes Urlacher) Little Mermaid DVD  
  Lego: The Krusty Krab Monster Truck Books Clothes Size 3T  
  Pirates of the Carribean T-shirt Disney Cars Mack Truck Playset Fisher Price Loving Family Twin Time Accessories (She  
  (Boys Size Medium) ( is probably getting the dollhouse from Santa)  
  Magic Treehouse Books Toys R Us Gift Cards Little Mermaid Aqua Doodle  
  Pokemon Cards (EX Dragon Force) Game Boy Advance Games: Anything Princess  
  Nintendo DS games: Mario 3 on 3 Hoops *Mario Golf Advance Tour    
  Toys R Us Gift Cards *Super Monkey Ball Jr    
    *Santa Claus 3    
    *Backyard Sports Advance Backyard Football 2007    
  kevin       jessica      
  DVD - Widespread Panic Earth to America Concert   Carrie Underwood CD  
  Golf Balls   Container Store Gift Card  
  Gap or Bannana Republic Gift Card   Bath and Body Works Gift Card  
  Blanket or throw for couch- solid earth tone colors   Kohl's Gift Card  
      Target Gift Card  
      Book - "You on a diet" by Dr. Oz  
  john       casey      
  Best Buy gift cards   Gift card to Target  
  Home Depot gift cards   Gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond  
  Menards gift cards   Anything maternity L-XL (My clothes are starting to get a little uncomfortable, lol)  
schnolis family
  "Funny Girl" movie soundtrack CD.  
  Black cardigan, size 1X  
  Red Body Lotion (It's really a cream!)  
  Red Shower Gel  
  Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker body lotion  
  Crystal pieces for my cabinet  
  Surprises are good too!  
  Hallmark GRANDMA ornament, 2006  
  mike       lynn      
  Nike + iPod sport kit   Target Back to basics popcorn popper  
  Games for MAC (Poker, golf, action)   "Cars" Widescreen DVD for entire family  
  iSkin cover for iPod nano 2G - "groove" color (white,black,clear)   Big Golf umbrella to use to keep me and all three kids dry at the same time!  
  White Sox 2005 World Series Collector's Edition DVD   I always like gift cards too.  
  Golf Balls - Titleist ProV1 x-outs or Titleist NXT Tour   Really good shampoo (I would like to try anyone's personal favorites)  
  Starbuck's Christmas Coffee   New Running/exercise shoes size 9 something for a high arch would be nice  
  A travel mug from Starbuck's   LeCreuset Red Dutch or French Oven 5, 6,or 7 qt. I just need one! Outlets, TjMaxx and Marshalls have them much cheaper than anywhere else.  
  Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Flavored Syrup      
  elizabeth   grant   emma    
  Star Wars Legos - any Boy Toys! Nintendo DS Animal Crossing game  
  Star Wars Revenge of the Sith DVD Widescreen edition per dad Sleepers, especially footed and/or zipper ones sz 12 months
Likes jewelry and girlie stuff too!
    and larger    
  Nintendo DS Big Brain academy Robeez size 12-18 mth or Easy Bake REAL FOOD oven  
  game 18-24 mth    
  Book store or any gift cards   Extra food of any kind for real food oven  
  Hannah Montana poster or anything else (has only a cd)   LIkes Hannah Montana also  
  Starting to like jewlery, purses, makeup etc!
  Genevieve Barbie from 12 dancing princesses  
  Barbie 12 dancing princesses carriage
  Horsez Nintendo DS Game coming out 12/1  
  Catz Nintendo DS Game coming out 12/1   Both Pirates of the Caribbean movies on DVD widescreen  
  Sims 2 The pets Nintnedo DS Game
  Totally Spies Undercover 2 Nintendo DS Game
  Saving my pennies for a large-screen television that I hope to purchase before the Super Bowl. Contributions via MasterCard or Visa gift cards are greatly appreciated.    
  duke       linda      
  [BOOK] Winning Low-Limit Holdem, by Lee Jones   Linda's ENTIRE wishlist can be viewed on by clicking here. List highlights follow:  
  [BOOK] Best American Short Stories (up to and including 1997)   [BOOK] "Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice From Pregnancy Through the First Year for Parents of Twins and Multiples" by Chryl Lage  
  [BOOK] Best American Short Stories 2006   Origins Pure Cream Rinseable Cleanser You Can Also Tissue Off 200ml/6.7oz  
  [BOOK] Best American Short Stories 2001   Canon Accessory Starter Kit for Digital Rebel XT  
      Polar FS1 Heart Rate Monitor Watch (Yellow)  
      Macy's gift cards  
      Anything from the Origins Ginger collection...I LOVE Origins!  
  amaya   zoey    
  Baby toys   Baby toys  
  clothes 3 months - 24 months (no preemie stuff...we've got bruisers)   clothes 3 months - 24 months (no preemie stuff...we've got bruisers)  
  diaper coupons   diaper coupons  
  Dreft laundry detergent/coupons   Dreft laundry detergent/coupons  
  BJs gift certificate/gift card   BJs gift certificate/gift card  
  baby/home care help (i.e. visits from family, maid service :D)   baby/home care help (i.e. visits from family, maid service :D)  
  books (remember Richard Scarry's books about the Cat family and Lowly Worm? Aaaah, memories....)   books (remember Richard Scarry's books about the Cat family and Lowly Worm? Aaaah, memories....)  
  anything you want! :)   anything you want! :)  
  The twins/we are registered at Walmart, BabiesRUs, and Pottery Barn Kids   The twins/we are registered at Walmart, BabiesRUs, and Pottery Barn Kids  
  Gift cards   Gift cards  
  danny       katie      
  [TOOLS] Palm Size lithium ion cordless screwdriver by Skil, Black & Decker, or Bosch. Click here for an example of what I am looking for.   Any candles -- especially tea lights and votives. Any vanilla scent, patchouli, sage, cedar, orange clove, ginger apple, etc. I also like fresh breeze, fresh linen and any floral scents except lilac. Please NO FOOD-SCENTED candles as they make me too hungry!!  
  [STUFF] 1 gig or better MP3 player (poo poo Ipods)   Body By Victoria perfume  
  [STUFF] gift certificates to Chicago Uniform or Ray O'Herrons   Calgon Hawaiian Ginger perfume or body spray or lotion  
  [CD] "Dig Me a Ditch: Spirit of the Illinois and Michigan Canal" by Gallimaufry   Warm Vanilla Sugar by Bath & Body Works perfume or body spray or lotion  
  [Periodical] Reorder of the "Family Home Handyman Magazine"   Moonlight Path by Bath & Body Works perfume or body spray or lotion  
  [STUFF] Electric toothbrush   Any season of M*A*S*H on DVD excluding 1,2 or 5  
  [STUFF] Microsoft or Logitech wireless mouse for PC, the one with the center scroll wheel for XP.   Any dark colored slipper socks  
  [STUFF] digital video camera   Frasier season 1 or 2 on DVD. (On sale at Target)  
  [STUFF] Berland's House of Tools gift cards      
  [DVD] "Crime Story" Season One      
  [STUFF] Lowe's gift cards      
  [STUFF] Need a good set of two cordless phones      
  [STUFF] A nice pair of wireless headphones      
  [STUFF] The Leatherman Juice leather sheath      
  [BOOK] Rand McNally's 2007 Street Guide for the Chicago 7-County area (spiral bound)      
hunter family
  betty     dave      
  Gold or silver hoop earrings, about 1 inch size   Hand-held Sudoku game  
  Gold claddagh hoop earrings   Outdoor Thermometer Large Numbers  
  Good Black leather gloves-sz medium   Electric Knife or Battery/rechargable fillet knife  
      DVD - Deadwood Season 2  
      Menards Card  
      Home Depot Card  
      Gander Mountain Card  
      Bass Pro Card  
      Black Fleece Gloves size XL  
      CD - Bat Out of Hell III  
      Digital tape measure  
  Hand lotion from Bath & Body works "Look Ma, New Hands"  
  Yankee Candle tarts for tart burner  
  DVD - "Elf"  
  Perfume - "Falling in Love" by Philosophy  
  Tinkerbell ornament from Target  
  Clinique Body Butter (no scent)  
  Book - "Perfect Once Removed" by Phillip Hoose  
  DVD - Pee Wee’s Big Adventure  
  DVD - Big Top Pee Wee  
  DVD – Gangs of New York  
  DVD set- South Park – any seasons 2 through current  
  DVD set – The Simpsons – any seasons 2 through current  
  DVD set – That 70’s Show any season  
  Subscription to ‘Armchair General’ magazine (I have ‘limited holiday offer’ card that came with the last one I bought, if you want it)  
  I also have some books & such on my Amazon wish list  
  David Beckham Calendar available at  
  Battlestar Galactica Calendar available at  
  iPod FM transmitter (no car charger necessary)  
  iTunes gift music cards  
  iPod stickers (I now have the nano) any style or design.  
  Black Books: Series 2 (it's British and carried by Borders)  
  katy       adam      
  black fleece gloves, womens large   "The Essential Steve McQueen" boxset  
  (L.L.Bean Wind Challenger Fleece women's gloves)   (check out  
  Big White Sox banner to hang off the deck   DVD-"Talladega Nights"  
  White Sox Dominos   Sears giftcards  
  Target giftcards   BestBuy giftcards sleeve camo logo shirt White Sox, of course - size L camo big logo shirt White Sox, of course - size XL      
  Woody Guthrie CD "This Land is Your Land: The Ashe Recordings, Vol. 1"      
judge family
  rich   gloria  
  Guiness clothing - Shirts XL   Electric knife  
  Guiness clothing - Shirts XL   Workout clothes (pants)  
  Gift cards, such as, Golf Galaxy, Borders, Dick's Sporting Goods, Best Buy   Long hoodie with zipper (size large)  
  DVD "Slither"    
  DVD "Over the Hedge"    
  DVD "The Producers" (Nathan Lane/Matthew Broderick version)  
  DVD "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"    
  CD "Finding Neverland Sountrack"    
  Book "The Pirates! In an adventure with Communists" by Gideon Defoe  
  Pajama pants, size large    
  Hoodies, size large    
Send in your comments in order that you be heard! Danny has taken over from Duke the responsibilities of running this family site for this year but the concept remains the same. Please submit all gift ideas and comments for the section below to <>
  [Danny and Duke] If you notice Danny's snazzy email address above, you will see that it is quite customized. If you would like to have an email such as or please let us know because we can make that happen. You won't have go through the hassle of setting up and learning a new email service. At your request we will simply make it so all email sent to your new email address forwards to your existing email account instantaneously and automatically. Your old address will still work just like it always has and you don't have to lift a finger to make it all come together.  
  [Pat] Someone is really into sports since they retired......a liberal supply of Ben Guay would also be nice. Do not know if that is spelled right, you know the smelly stuff.  
  [Thomas] I'm with Danny Ipods are a big waste of money.  
  [Linda] Don't worry, the names we've selected for the babies are only temporary. We still haven't been able to decide for sure on names yet.  
  [Pat] I kind of like the names Alpha and Beta.  
  [Anonymous] Does Uncle Rich ever plan on put any entries on this site?  
  [Thomas] There is a ten dollar white toaster at Target, can someone please get it for my mom so that she will stop bugging us.  
  [Anonymous] Thank you Uncle Rich!!!!!!!!  
  [Thomas] The only reason i have put ("Gods and Generals and "Gettysburg") on the site is because Matt has ruined my oringinal copies.  
  [Carol] Where are all the ideas people?  
  [Danny] Does anyone else wonder as I do what Matthew is doing collecting so much tactical gear? We demand some assurance that you are not anticipating a sudden move to some remote Montana commune, er…ranch.  
  [Matthew] All I have to say, is that Thomas is lying, I dont even watch that Civil War %&*@#. He's on his way for a dont listen to him.  
  [Joan] Both of my boys are asking for a whopin...maybe coal should be added to both of their lists!!! --Joan (A.K.A. Big Mama with a big wooden stick.)  
  [Anonymous] "These aren't the droids you are looking for."  
  [Uncle Rich] Very strange. A force just hit me, causing me to stop my search for robots and send in a comment instead. Next year the website should go in youngest to oldest order, same as we will open presents this year.  
  [Uncle Rich] And finally, in the immortal words of Lauren when asked if she wanted nachos at 2am after Katy and Adam's wedding............NO!!!...BYE!!!!!!!! (You've got to picture her floating above the covers, with her eyes bugging out.)  
  [Danny] Nov. 30. I was expecting this reference to show up at least three weeks ago. Thanks Uncle Rich! BYE!!!  
  [Casey] I think Lauren can donimate this year as to who opens first, she does have the power that can scare the pants off people! BYE!  
  [Gloria] A "Special" Happy Holidays to all future Geminis.....and Cancers too!  
  [Gloria] Does anyone know if Mike Surd is a Gemini?  
  [Katie] Well, I don't know if Mike Surd is a Gemini, but he sure loves the Schnolises, the Kruswickis, the Hunters, the Harveys, and the Judges…  
  [Danny] I figured since it was after Thanksgiving, it would be safe to add one more item to my list by saying, "I want an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot range model air rifle!"  
  [Kathy] Gloria, did you ask Mike Surd if he smoked marijuana???!!!  
  [Uncle Rich] If I remember correctly from the Thanksgiving games, I think John wants to get Casey several bottles of Prego for Christmas.  
  [Uncle Rich] Danny, I won't say "You'll shoot your eye out, kid", but I do wonder if the BB gun will be enough to make your nightly guests behave.  
  [Duke] Oh, man, I canceled my subscription to "Them Crazy Judges" and now I don't understand 90% of the comments!  
  [Lauren] So is anyone going to bring any casino boat nachos as an appetizer?  
  [Kathy] Thomas, If I send you $15.00 for Christmas early, will you go out and buy the toaster for your mom?  
  [Thomas] Kathy, Yes I will buy the toaster for her. She is most likely going to put on a comment saying that the reason the reason the toaster is on there is because I burned my hand in the toaster oven. I don't mind the burn, it is a skull on my middle finger of the right hand. She won't stop bugging me about ther toaster. Thanks  
  [Kathy] Lauren, we will put your mom and Casey in charge of that item and we will send your dad and John to the gas station for burritos, funyums and the like.  
  [Kathy] Dave K., Lived any good Seinfeld episodes recently?  
  [Joan] Kathy, The true reason behind why I want a toaster is that the toaster oven makes terrible toast and takes up too much space in my kitchen. Thomas doesn't watch what he is doing so that is why he got the burn on his middle finger in the shape of a skull.  
  [Pat] I cannot believe that I slept through the nacho incident. Some people have all of the fun!  
  [Katy] Lauren - Do not fret, Adam and I are running by the casino Christmas Eve on our way out to Tinley, so boat-nachos are on the menu!!!  
  [Carol] Katy, don't forget your driver's license, because they won't let you on the boat without it!  
  [Betty] John and Amy can do a beer run later in the evening and Auntie Betty will go for smokes at 10 o'clock. Yummm, boat nachos, beer and smokes, a real White Trash celebration.  
  [White Trash Christmas Gorilla] Seeing as how this is another Kruswicki Christmas, No celebration should be without an appearance from me. I'll be sure to blow dry my fur all nice and pretty and see if I can find my red and white, white sox stocking cap.  
  [Kathy] Could I get a request in for the old classic "Walkin round in women's underwear" to be sung on Christmas Eve? Thanks  
  [Kathy] What has happened to everyone's comments? Things are really slow. Thomas you have been really quiet! Gorilla, where have you gotten to? You all have been too nice lately.