The 2005 Judge Family Christmas Wish List
and Comments Page!
Friday, December 16, 2005, 12:00 PM
Okay, so I cleaned things up a little bit in the 2005 edition.  I don't know if you're going to be able to read this, though.  Either way, it's now going into our eighth year of this silly website online.  Can you believe it?  I never though I'd still be here after eight years, but here I am.
There are some changes to the grab bag this year, though you're surely all in the know by now.  But if it's possible that you're more out of the loop than I am, I'll post the major rule change this year for you.  The suggested spending for the gift exchange suggested is no longer $50, but $25.  In theory this just means smaller presents.  Whether in practice this means our exchange will resemble the dreaded white elephant or we're closer to outrageous gag gifts remains to be seen.  As of now, there are no other rules, but I hear the rules committee has been meeeting, and Gloria will be holding a press conference in early December.  Watch this site for further details...
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This is officially a family safe site, so please keep the comments clean.  We haven't really had any problems yet, but there's always that first joker (I won't mention any names) who wants to ruin it for everybody.  Don't make me pull this web site over to the side of the internet, because I will....oh, yeah, I will.
On to the gift requests.  I'm not going to be putting in all the pretty little links to the names anymore.  It's either way too much work or I simply can't be bothered.  I'll let you decide.  I mean, c'mon, I've already spent at least 15 minutes on google stealing collecting animated web images for the site.  But darn it if that Frosty globe isn't the cutest little thing...
harvey family
  pat   al  
  LL Bean flashlight with a crank.  Turn for a minute and get an hour of light.  No, I am not the crank.   Gift certificate for Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, or Borders, and I'll pick out a CD or 2.  
  Lands End Therma Check insulated gloves with gripper palms..size small.  I do not need the string holders..yet.   Cardigan sweater size xl.  (No neckties, I have plenty and I seldom wear them.)  
  3 cd set of irish Pub songs   Long sleeve dress shirt size 17-1/2x33  
  Off the wall christmas cd's. I have quite a collection.  A1 hates the Jingle Cats.          
  Suprise me!          
  james       joan      
  Long sleeve knit henley shirt- XL     Kitchen items- digital scale, or anything unusual  
  Rugby shirt- XL   Donna Karen- Cashmere Mist  
  Fire Rescue, Police T-Shirts   Asian dinnerware or eatting utensils  
  CD- Legend of Johnny Cash
CD- Martina McBride
  Unusal food items- Ethnic-canned, dried- just down and out weird is a good thing.  
  matthew     thomas   emily    
  Batteries- AA and AAA Batteries- AA Batteries- AA  
  Anything Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard (NO ARMY) (shirt size- Adult M) Anything Civil War
(shirt size- Adult M)
Anything from the American Girl Doll store  
  Gift Cards- Target, Best Buy,, Dicks Chrome zippo  Coloring Books  
  Contributions to Matt Needs a New Computer fund 2'x3' Virginia Flag- Gift cards- Kohls, Target, American Girl Doll.  
        CD- AC/DC Live Clothing size 6  
        Gift Cards- Target, Best Buy,,, Dicks Easy readers (first grade)

DVD- Cinderella
  scott       kim      
  Gift cards.  Borders, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Sports Authority, Lowes, Home Depot.   A new hammer to keep employees in line (she broke her current one.)  
  Golf Balls (always seem to be in need of those.)   Soaps  
  Baseball cap of some sort.   Lotions  
  Scarf for casual wear. (not work.)   Thick socks or slippers  
  Different T-shirts (logos.)   Gift card to Ann Taylor Loft or Ann Taylor  
      Perfume (just not too strong)  
  peyton       rachel      
  Any kind of Grade 1 or 2 reading books.   Anything her sister is currently playing with!  
  Game Boy Game (suitable for a little girl.)   Mittens for playing outside  
  Colored pencils, paper to draw on   Coloring books  
  Little kid fun jewelry for dress up   Sticker books  
  Robots DVD   DVD's from Sesame Street, Noggin, etc.  
  Clothes,  Small for shirts,  5 for pants (Slim if you can find them.)   Clothes, 3T for tops, 24 month for bottoms, but if they have an elastic waist 2T.  
kruswicki family
  kathy   dave  
  The "official" White Sox World Championship dvd.  List price is $19.99.  This is the one produced by the White Sox. Has been taken off the list.   Clos Du Bois Pinot Noir  
    Clos Du Bois red Zinfindal  
  karen       paul      
  LL Bean Fleece Clog Slippers (Size 7.5)          
  Cuddle John Pajamas (Size Medium)          
  timmy   joey   molly      
  Clue Jr Game Madagascar DVD Dusty the Talking Vacuum Cleaner  
  Toys R Us Gift Cards Accessories for Imaginext Fort (dinosaurs) Clothes Size 24months  
  Music CDs Books Doodle Bear  
  Kicking and Screaming DVD Playskool Bounce and Roll        
  Bop It Blaster            
  Any of the Star Wars DVDs (Episode 1, Empire Strikes Back)            
  Yugi-Oh or Pokemon Cards            
  Baseball or Football Cards            
  john       casey      
  Kettle One Vodka   Bath and Body lotion (Cherry Blossom)  
  Golf Galaxy Gift Card.   Victoria Secret Lotion (Pure Seduction)  
          Yankee Candle (any scent).  
schnolis family
  -L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag, Medium, dark green long handles (monagram CJS)  $20.00 (from the LL Bean catalog/website)  
  -from LL Bean:  Women’s Comfort Moc (shoes)  size 9 B  Charcoal.  
  -Any Crystal pieces ( don’t have to be expensive) for my entertainment center crystal side.  
  -Fleece tops (zip up if possible) - size 1XL  
  -Swear pants –any color - womens size large or mens size medium  
  -China tea pots  
  -Decorator Gem globes  
  mike       lynn      
  Jersey  - Paul Konerko or Ozzie Guillen (“replica”, not “authentic”) – home or away, with World Series logo on sleeve, size Large (not XL)   pampering products, especially:  
    citrus scented products  
    Davies Gate bath soak in Grapefruit  
  DVD’s – there are two available   Bath tub pillow  
  Authentic hat with World Series logo – size 7-1/2   Philosophy-you surprise me  
  World Series Champion low profile hat (black)   Skin so soft bath oil- regular scent  
  Just about anything with “Chicago White Sox – World Series CHAMPION” on it!!   Bath and Body works, Sephora, Starbucks or Gap gift cards (they carry regular and maternity)  
  Any t-shirt   People magazine subscription  
  All World Series games on DVD (not available yet)   jewelry - I love bling  
  White sox golf headcovers and golf towel   Enya's newest cd  
  DVD’s – there are two available   Philosophy coconut shampoo  
          Any Philosophy products  
          carafe in black or stainless  
          Everyday teapot I have a kettle and one christmas teapot  
  elizabeth       emma      
  Mulan doll from disney store   sky dancer castle  
  Anything American Girl especially stuff for the Elizabeth doll   Gift Cards to anywhere (Toys R US, Target,Build a Bear - she loves this place)  
  Holiday outfit with leopard for American Girl and matching for her American Girl doll suitcase, size 12/14   Sponge Bob DVD's (has only halloween and christmas)  
  Sponge Bob "Life " Game and Littlest Pet Shop Board Game (her and Emma)   sky dancer doll - Sierra  
  Gift Cards - Any (especially loves Michaels, Target and Limited Too)   Barbie Pegasus groom and glam stylin horse  
          Guess Who disney edition game  
          Anything American girl  
          Anything horses  
          size 5  
          Madagascar DVD  
  duke       linda      
  [BOOK] Best American Short Stories, 2005   **ALL BOOKS BY TERRY MCMILLAN**  
  [BOOK] Best American Short Stories, 2004   [BOOK] Mama  
  [BOOK] The Complete Calvin and Hobbes   [BOOK] Disappearing Acts  
  [CLOTHES] Bathrobe, size 5X/6X at Casual Male   [BOOK] How Stella Got Her Groove Back  
  [PS2] Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2   [BOOK] A Day Late and a Dollar Short  
  [CLOTHES] Pocketless T-shirts, Casual Male, 5X/6X   [BOOK] The Interruption of Everything  
  [BOOK] Ordinary Heroes, by Scott Turow   [CLOTHES] Rasta Baby Spaghetti Tank, XL  
  [Electronics] Creative MuVo TX FM 1 GB MP3 Player   [CLOTHES] Zion Beanie, L  
  [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] Vince Guaraldi: The Vince Guaraldi Collection   [CLOTHES] Black Rasta Beanie, L  
    [CLOTHES] Buju Collection Hat, L  
  [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] Advanced Piano Solos Complete - Christmas Edition   [CLOTHES] Bald Eagle Cap, L  
    [CLOTHES] More Fire Collection Cap, L  
  [SHEET MUSIC BOOK] Counting Crows: August And Everything After, guitar tablature edition   [GAME] Taboo, 2005 Edition  
    [GAME] Pictionary, 20th Anniversary Edition  
  [PC PART] Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic 8 (7.1) Channels 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail   [GIFTCARD] Barnes & Nobles  
    [JEWELRY] JC Penney WishList
(Bag Number: E204-A37-1750)
    [BOOTS] REI Kamik Blazer Boots. size 9   
  Also, I'm interested in music, books, toys or games that look interesting.  I like gifts I might not otherwise buy for myself.    Books by Frank McCort (if you buy at Amazon, you can get discounts on multiple books by the same author…hint hint!)  
  danny       katie      
  [CD] "Dig Me a Ditch: Spirit of the Illinois and Michigan Canal" by Gallimaufry   A rather extensive list of ideas for Katie may be found on her Amazon wishlist  
  [DVD] "Crime Story." Season One.   Clothing: Black or dark colored slipper socks  
  [PERIODICAL] Subscription to "The Family Handyman Magazine."    Clothing: Extra long tank tops from Old Navy, size XL.  Any color.   ONLY EXTRA LONG, not regular    
  [STUFF ] DVD burner drive   Perfume: Body by Victora, from Victoria's Secret, any size  
  [STUFF ] Lowe's gift cards    
  [STUFF] "Clue" and "Monopoly" bookshelf editions from Target.   Perfume/ Lotion: White Tea and Ginger from Bath and Body Works.  
  [STUFF] Handheld electronic SUDOKU games          
  [TOOLS]  I would like a pocket-hole jig set like the one seen here. Available at finer home improvement centers everywhere.   One amazon wishlist just isn't enough, so here's another link with other stuff  
  [GIFT CARD]  I can use gift certificates to Chicago Uniform or Ray O'Herrons so that i can get some good quality boots for work.          
  I would like a gun box like the one seen [here]          
  [CD] Ray LaMontagne's album "Trouble."          
hunter family
  betty       dave      
          "Woobie" gloves, large, black  
          LED trouble light, Menards  
          Sears Craftsman:  
          -Mechanics Gloves Large  
          -13 pc. spade bit set  
          -T-Handle Screwdriver #47135  
          -3 pc. Screw Out Set #52154  
          -Bolt Out Set  
          Irwin 58 pocket Tool Organizer (Bag) - Menards  
          Medium Weight Wool Socks - Black  
          Gift Cards: Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, Gander Mountain, Sears  
          Harley stuff - shirts XXL, Travel mug, coffee mug, (V-Rod would be nice)  
  Book: Sherlock Holmes, complete set of stories.  I would prefer a two book set, although all in one volume is fine (just harder to carry on the train!)  
  DVD 1st season of That 70's Show  
  DVD 1st season of Barney Miller   
  VHS or DVD: Around the Horn:  it's an old documentry/movie, but I'm not sure how easy or hard it will be to find. kind of obscure too but I figure what the heck!   
  [book] Family Guy Episode Guide Seasons 1-3  
  [DvD] Donnie Darko Director's Edition  
  iTunes gift card  
  Cream, Live at Royal Albert Hall, CD   Adam, 2nd season of the Dave Chapelle Show, under US Historical flags, Bennington, 3x5 nylon   CD Marty Robbins, (any best of as long as it includes the song El Paso)  
  LLBean, down booties, unisex, size xs, "chocolate brown"                 
judge family
  rich   gloria  
  Dockers size 38x30   long workout pants, size medium  
  Best Buy gift card   sweatpants, size medium  
  Golf crap, um I mean stuff   Best Buy Gift Card  
          Target Gift Card  
          Velour Hoodie - Lg Black  
  pj pants, medium or large          
  hoodies, medium or large          
  Charlie & the Chocolate Factory DVD           
  Batman beginnings DVD          
  The Graduate DVD          
  Rent, the soundtrack CD          
Send me your comments and you shall be heard.  My email address is still <>, so feel free to drop me a line and I'll post your insults thoughtful comments online.
  [danny] Kathy, as to your official White Sox DVD, some guy in a collapsible tent at the BP gas station at 159th and Central was selling one for five bucks entitled “Chicago baseball championship series 2005.”  Would that be okay? It comes complete with a free paper envelope and hand-printed label.  Ooooooo!  Cubs suck!  
  [linda] I just want to let everyone know.…IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!  
  [linda] So excited to see everyone!  Please note that I plan to be liquored up during the not be alarmed =)  
  [betty to Lynn and Joan]  I am planning a trip to the American Girl store, just wondering what outfits the girls would like and/or don't already have, or if you need me to pick up anything for you there just let me know.  
  [betty to Kim]  I don't know if your girls are into AG yet, but I would be happy to buy them stuff to get them started!  Don't tell Scott I said that.  
  [betty to Linda]  Uncle Rich has a rather fun initiation for new family members on Christmas Eve, he splits a bottle of Irish Mist with the new person, just ask Paul Halaburt how much fun it is!  
  [duke]  Not even six months in our family and Linda has already been driven to the bottle!   
  [carol] Anyone else ready to bring back the white elephant this year?  If Adam is ready to go back up in my crawl space I already have wrapped gifts!!  
  [lynn] What are swear pants on Carol's list?  I am not sure where to buy these?  Do they have BAD Words on them *&^%$#?  
  [duke] I have lots of those.  I try them on and I swear they used to $^@*#$& fit!  
  [kathy to John] A little of your father in you?  What no Drambuie?  
  [betty] Who is the wise guy that put the sticker on the website?  It is from sure they are not "2005 World Champions" !!!  
  [duke] It must be a glitch in the Matrix…  
  [betty] Are those SpongeBob Swear pants that Carol wants?  
  [karen to duke] Okay I can't look at the website any longer with that @#^#^$%^ Cubs emblem up there.  I may have to report you to the proper web authorities.  
  [amy] To all "members" re: Pat's gift: Whoever has Pat's name please don't buy the LLBean flashlight. The Harveys have a tendency to misuse lighting devices. I still see spots from the 'mishap' last June in North Carolina.  
  [betty] the H*&# with Christmas, I got a wedding to plan  
  [duke] sounds like karen and betty already got swear pants this year  
  [kathy] Why does Thomas need a chrome zippo?  
  [carol to betty] Don't sweat it, "you've got plenty of time" (un-quote!!!)  
  [pat to amy] I cannot tell a lie.  It was not me.  I would not want to name names, however, it was my number one son.  Of course, if I had known what he was going to do I would never have allowed it to happen!!!!!!!!!!  
  [james to Amy] What spots? I can see fine.  
  [joan and family] We are concerned that you would consider taking the cubs logo off.  we like both the white sox and the cubs, and are very happy the sox won the series.  What about those Nationals?  Not bad for their first season.  
  [thomas to Kathy] Because I am cool and so are zippos: by the way the cubs don't suck.  
  [joan] I want some swear pants too. What color do they come in? pink maybe.  
  [gloria] Instead of White Elephant, is anyone interested in doing a Christmas trivia quiz?  Everyone puts in money and the person who answers the most questions wins the bucks.  We could have one for the kids and one for the adults. $1.00 for kids to participate and $5.00 for the adult game.  Betty, you may be interested in winning some extra cash for the wedding fund.  
  [kathy to Thomas It is a known fact that since you are in this family you are cool, but just what are you going to do with the zippo?   
  [kathy to Joan] It is okay to be a Nationals fan,  I like Esteban Loiaza.   (Is he still with them?)  
  [dave] I have a pair of those swear pants, I wear them when I work on one of the cars/truck. They really work well, just ask the family.  
  [carol to Joan] The swear pants only come in WHITE SOX black and white  
  [duke] Oh, goody!  Drinking, trivia and gambling!  Can we throw dice to see who gets to open gifts first?  Gloria, when you say "adult game" do you mean adult trivia?  
  [amy] Will this be family trivia? eg: Who spun around and cracked his head on the TV and had to get stiches? What exact liquor was involved in the great Christmas Eve bender on 96th St involving Paul and Uncle Rich? Have we ever opened all at once (what year and at who's instigation)? How many cups of sugar in the Auntie Betty Christmas Eve Puff cookies?