The 2004 Judge Family Christmas Wish List

This page is so old that nobody's even going to read this. Go figure. This is the 2004 edition. It's now our seventh year of doing this online. So if you have some ideas for people who might, for whatever reason, be buying you gifts, send me an email and I'll update them on this page. Maybe one of these years we'll automate it, but not in 2004.

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The rules this year are the same. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list.

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HARVEY FAMILY Pat Al James Joan Matthew Thomas Emily Scott Kim Peyton Rachel
KRUSWICKI FAMILY Kathy Dave Karen Paul Timmy Joey Molly Kevin John Casey
SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Emma Marc Duke Linda Dan Katie
HUNTER FAMILY Betty Dave Amy Joanna Sarah Katy Adam
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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KRUSWICKI Kevin John Casey


Pat Harvey

"Fair Isle" type sweater..acrylic..I am allergic to wool. size petite medium
Bath and Body Works "Moonlight Path" Creams and Lotions
Cotton turtlenecks..colors like LLBeans Petal Pink, Cherry Blossom Heather, or Saltwater Blue size petite medium (long sleeve)
Poncho style sweater wrap, They look like they would be fun to wear.

A-1 Harvey

white dress shirts size 17-1/2 x 33
new bathrobe..heavy terry..
heavy weight flannel shirt for winter
unopened packs of baseball cards
pins from other Lions Clubs
dress over the calf
cardigan sweater for work
[CD] Alison Krauss, "Lonely Runs Both Ways"

James Harvey

XL Fire/Rescue Shirts
[DVD] Original Star Wars set Code 3 fire trucks
Corgie fire trucks
black and or navy socks- for his work boots so must be thick and warm

Joan Harvey

No Response Yet
Gift Cards - world market, pier one, hechts, JoAnn fabrics, Hancock fabrics, Michaels
Herbs, spices and flavorings
Indian spices
Oriental spices
Anything odd for cooking... I like to experiment

Matthew Harvey

[CD] Punisher- soundtrack
[CD] Nickelback- Silver Side Up
[CD] Puddle of Mud- Come Clean
[CD] Jimmy Hendrix- VooDoo Child
[CD] Three Door Down- Away From the Sun
[CD] Three Door Down- Better Life
[CD] Rolling Stones- Flash point
Air Craft Posteres
Gift Cards - Target, Best Buy, Kohl's

Thomas Harvey

[PS2] Lord of the Rings- The 3rd Age
[PS2] StarWars Battle Front
[DVD] Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
[DVD] Glory
[DVD] Enemy at the Gates
[DVD] Indiana Jones
[CD] Gods and Generals- soundtrack
Cubs hat
Bears Jersey- Adult S or M
Civil War T-Shirts
Gift Cards - Target, Best Buy, Kohl's, Borders

Emily Harvey

Polly Pocket
Big Gaudy Costume Jewelry
[Clothing] Tops - 5, girls
[Clothing] Bottoms - 4-5, has a small waist
American Girl Doll accessories
Wee Three Friends (has fun, fun, fun set) (this is a barbie related type of doll)

Scott Harvey

[DVD] Blues Brothers
[CD] Either of U2's last two CDs
Gift Certificate for Border's or Barnes and Noble
Shirts XL

Kim Harvey

Fondue Kit
[CD] Kieth Urban
[CD] Sara Evans
Jammies (Petite Medium)

Peyton Harvey

(Will be 5 on Dec. 27th) Beginner books for reading
Coloring books, connect the dots, basic number, and, or letter books
Kids DVD's
Clothes. She wears a 5/6 top and 4/5 bottoms.
Dress-up clothes

Rachel Harvey

(Will be 2 on Feb. 12th) Clothes. She wears 18 to 24 month things.
She loves Sesame Street. Especially Elmo and Cookie Monster. So items along that theme are great. (DVD's, books, dolls, etc.)
Will play with (read: steal) anything of her sister's.


Kathy Kruswicki

LLBean carryall bag (I would like the blue trim and the long handles, largest size bag)
Russell men's sweatpants, size medium, navy blue or gray. (available at Sears) elastic cuffs
Please add to my list a nice chenille type sweater, sz XL. Blue or Grey or Red.

Dave Kruswicki

Clos Du Bois Pinot Noir
Clos Du Bois Zinfindal
Beringer Pinot Noir

Karen Halaburt

-black, ribbed turtleneck (size medium)
-long sleeve tshirts (size medium)
-pajamas (I like Karen Neuberger, and Old Navy pjs) (No flannel though)
-Velour sweat suit (pants and hooded jacket)from Old Navy (either pink or black) (size medium)
-Floral Ribbon Belt (from the Gap) (size Medium) (purple or camel)
-Bath and Body Works Lotions

Paul Halaburt

[CD] John Majer Live
-"When Nothing Else Mattered" book about Michael Jordan
-Gift Certificate to Bass Pro Shop
-Omaha Steaks
-Sweater (size Large Tall)
-Dress Shirt (Size 17/35)

Timmy Halaburt

[DVD] Yu-gi-Oh Movie
[DVD] Garfield Movie
-Yu-gi-Oh and Pokemon Cards
-Crayola Character Maker
-Knex Sets
-Gift Cards to Toys R Us or Target
-Clothes (Long Sleeve Shirts or Rugby type, Size M or 6)

Joey Halaburt

-Thomas trains (any of the newer character trains (if they are even out). i.e., Jack the dozer, Isabella, Muroch, Spencer, Max the Truck
-Anything with Thomas on it, like Thomas plates, shirts, clothes
-Trucks or Cars
[DVD] Wiggles
-Clothes (size 3T)

Molly Halaburt

-Clothes (She is a 6-12 month size. However, those of you who know her mother know that she has a pretty well-stocked closet. Although, you can never have too many clothes when you are a girl)
-Baby toys

Kevin Kruswicki

No Response Yet

John Kruswicki

No Response Yet


No Response Yet


Carol Schnolis

Indoor/outdoor thermometer
hand held yahtzee game
decorator tea pots(for my pink kitchen)
earrings (post) any colors, not dangley
flannel lounging pants mens size XL
blouses size 22 or 2 XL
Sweaters (thinner styles) size 2XL
[DVD] Princess Diaries 2
[DVD] Calamity Jane
[DVD] Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway Collection

Michael Schnolis

[DVD] Star wars set wide screen
Anything purdue size large
Gift cards are always great best buy, amazon, circuit city etc.
Black capresso coffee maker ( one that uses whole beans)

Lynn Schnolis

puffy vest from Gap black size Large
people magazine subscription
Any gift cards
Origins night-a-mins cream
Wrinkle cream (brand/variety suggestions welcome)
DAVies Gate cinnamon bath soak
donations to the Armed Services YMCA
Starbucks gift card
Handled travel mug from starbucks
Bebe winans cd from starbucks

Elizabeth Schnolis

size 10 clothes
fake uggs size 4
American Girl food items, felicity tea set
Anything horses
Kaya's horse baby
Princes to princess and the pauper
Princess and the Pauper Game Boy Advance Game
Barbie FAshion Show/Fever GAme Boy ADvance Game
[DVD] Mary Poppins Collectors Edition

Emma Schnolis

Kidz Bop 6 or other kids music, loves her cd player
Anything horses
AMerican girl Kit food set/dishes
books of any kind or gift cards-she loves the book store
Bitty Twins clothes/a
Princes to princess and the pauper
Remote controlled car- saw one at one of those mall kiosks and went bonkers. ASked Santa for one right away.
Princess and the Pauper dress up clothes/dresses (Target had these)
[DVD] Princess Diaries 2

Marc Schnolis

No Response Yet

Duke Schnolis

[PS2] Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
[PS2] Karaoke Revolution Version 2
[PS2] Karaoke Revolution Version 3 (might not be available yet)
[TOYS] Magnetix brand magnetic building sets (Collecting lots to make big things)
New Balance Shoes, any style, size 12:4E
[GIFT CARDS] Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy, Amazon
[MAGIC:THE GATHERING] World Champions 2004 Deck - Aeo Paquette
[MAGIC:THE GATHERING] World Champions 2004 Deck - Gabriel Nassif
[MAGIC:THE GATHERING] World Champions 2004 Deck - Julien Nuijten
[MAGIC:THE GATHERING] World Champions 2004 Deck - Manuel Bevand
(Can be found at comic/gaming stores or online HERE )

Linda DaCosta

1.Magazine Subscriptions:
-Black Enterprise
-Wall Street Journal Online
-NEJM Online (New England Journal of Medicine)
-Oxygen Magazine (

2. Speedo swimsuit, size 10, bright color(s)

3. ULTIMATE gym bag that can fit a racquet, separate compartment for wet clothes, and 2 prs of sneakers/shoes, like the kitchen sink duffel,

4. UnderArmour Coldgear hood, size all, black (0503)*
5. UnderArmour KP cap, size all, black (0205)*
6. UnderArmour tight tank, size M, red (1138)*
7. UnderArmour ultimate compression short, size L, grey (1126)*
8. UnderArmour vibrancy capri, size L, grey (1442)*
All found at

9. Brightly colored hat, glove and scarf set from United Colors of Benneton

10. no show athletic socks, preferably the ones that wick away moisture, white (or any bright color you may happen across :), size 9 shoe

11. Adidas or New Balance cross trainers, size 9. NO NIKES

12. Old Navy Women's Super Ultra Low-Waist Jeans, color blue or vintage, size 10

13. Gift certificates:
-Victorias Secrets
-Fredericks of Hollywood
-LL Bean
-Banana Republic
-Spa day (Phila: Toppers, Total Serenity)
-Beauty Salon (Phila: Sots Nails)

14. [BOOK] Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide

Dan Schnolis

[BOOK] "The Life and Times of James T. Farrell" by Robert K. Landers.
[BOOK] "Studs Lonigan's Neighborhood and the Making of James T. Farrell" by Edgar M. Branch.
[BOOK] "The Photoshop 7 Wow! Book" by Jack Davis.
[BOOK] "Before and After Page Design" by John McWade.
[CD] "Dig Me a Ditch: Spirit of the Illinois and Michigan Canal" by Gallimaufry.
Available here.
[DVD] The Lord of the Rings - The Motion Picture Trilogy (Special Extended DVD Edition).
[GADGET] Apple iPod.
[THINGS] Any sport-style briefcase with an extra-long cross-shoulder strap.
[THINGS] Chicago World's Fair 1933 poster by Glen C. Sheffer. (24x32) Available here.

Katie Anderson

[DVD] The Family Guy Volume 2 (season 3)
[DVD] Friends season 8
[DVD] Patch Adams- the collector's edition
[DVD] The Birdcage
[DVD] Mork and Mindy - the first season
[DVD] Toys
[DVD] Simpsons, anything Season 4 or later
[DVD] M*A*S*H- any season
[Gift Certificates]: Super KMart, WalMart, Target- anywhere I can buy stuff that I need
[Magazine] Subscription to Newsweek Magazine; might as well send it to Danny's house
[Book] The Gospel according to the Simpsons (Mark I. Pinsky)
[Something really obnoxious] There's a new perfume sampler at Victoria's Secret with 8 (I think) different +small perfumes. It's $50, or $20 if you buy pajamas with it. I don't want the pajamas- but you can keep +them and give me the perfume!


Betty Hunter

[DVD] New release of "Gone With the Wind"

Dave Hunter

Ryobi AIRgrip Laser Level - Home Depot
Flashlight that charges by "shaking" it like a martini (not stirred)
Flannel shirts XXL
Above & Beyond 2005 Calendar - by Rick Llinares
Any H-D wear, especially out of town

Amy Hunter

[DVD] StarWars trioloy DVD (WS edition)
Clinique face soap (#2)
Clinique Body Butter
Chris Isaak Christmas CD
[DVD] Dean Martin Variety TV Show DVD Set
Burt's Bees Foot creme

Joanna Hunter

Classic Albums - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of Moon - DVD release of a VH1 special (don't need the album itself!)
[DVD] Ren & Stimpy - The Complete First and Second Seasons
[DVD] Barney Miller - The First Season (1975)
[BOOK] To Rule the Waves : How the British Navy Shaped the Modern World by -Arthur Herman
[BOOK] The Golden Ocean by Patrick O'Brian

Sarah Hunter

Christmas Food Basket Donation to the Southwest Indian Foundation. Whole or a half GO HERE then Products--Donations
[DVD] Marx Brothers Silver Screen Collection. Featuring Cocoanuts, Animal Crackers, Monkey Business, Horse Feathers and Duck Soup.
[DVD] Spider-Man 2
[CD] U2 -- How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb -- Deluxe Edition
[BOOK] Jonathan Kellerman, "Twisted"

Katy Hunter

tea kettle
cookie sheets
9x13 cake pan

at Target
"Winter Solstice" pattern
-tree dinner plates
-tree salad plates
-lg and small tumblers
-cereal blowls-blue glass
-coaster set
-glitter votive candle holder
-glitter tray

also in the linens section at Target
"Winter Solstice" patter
-flower sac towel with star
-woven stripe towel

again, also at Target
Elegan store and serveware by Rubbermaid
-bowl trio
-classic collection
-cheese keeper

Adam Cote

Chicago Cutlery Steel 8 pc. Block Set
available at Target and


Rich Judge

[DVD] "The Quiet Man" - I hear this is pretty good
Gift certificate to Borders, Best Buy, etc.
Trivial Pursuit SNL edition
Sweatshirts, XXL
[BOOK] Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson
[BOOK] John Adams -- by David McCullough
Cordless drill (so Gloria can borrow it)
One of those laser levels that Dave Hunter asked for (G can borrow that too)
No Response Yet

Gloria Judge

Ivory Charger Plates - Set of 10
Fancy Teapot
Wine - Chianti
Gershwin CD - if anyone can find one
folding chairs
cheese board w/wire slicer attached

Lauren Judge

CD: The Killers-Hot Fuss
CD: The Thrills-Let's Bottle Bohemia
CD: Duran Duran- Astronaut
CD: Gwen Stefani-Love Angel Music Baby
CD: U2-How to dismantle an atomic Bomb
Dvd: Buffy the vampire slayer seasons 6 and 7
DVD: Dead Like Me season 1
Dvd: Ned Kelly
Dvd: Elf
DVD: Return of the King extended Edition
Dvd: shrek 2
DVD: Spiderman 2
DVD: Seinfeld first and second season
Pirates of the Caribbean 18" Jack Sparrow "Serious" Action Figure with Sound-Comes out December 1st, Can be ordered on


[11/16, Duke] Well, a couple days later than last year, but we're still before Thanksgiving. Spread a little of the Christmas jeer.
[11/18, Rufus the Rat] I am really upset that there will not be a pet exchange.... again. This is my first Christmas and I was really hoping that somebody would get me a gift. You know us rats aren't on this world for very long and we just want to make the most of every moment. Thank you for letting me vent...
[11/18, Duke] No Pet Exchange! However, letting our pets talk on the page this year is a concession I'm willing to make. (wonders suspiciously how Rufus knows there's no exchange "...again" if this is his first christmas)
[11/18, Rufus the Cat] Hmmm. Would you be my present for Christmas? I'll even share you with my sister, Gabby. Meow, meow!
[11/19, Rufus the Rat] Since I am an intelligent creature I went back and read all the past Christmas postings... that is how I knew about the pet exchange.
[11/19, Rufus the Rat] (to Rufus the Cat) My social calander is currently full so I will not be able to be your Christmas present. However, I am willing to send you an autographed picture of myself.
[11/26, Betty] (to Matthew) Great choice on some of your music.
[12/02, Kathy] There was a meeting last night at Carol's and as an Elder I must say that I think the kids want a takeover. All elders, be prepared for some heavy lobbying this weekend for many Christmas Eve changes. I hope Grandma Judge does not have email in heaven!!!!
[12/04, Gloria] (to Lynn) Lancome Re-Surface Eye Cream ($47.00). Expensive but if you visit the Lancome Counter they may give you some free samples.
[12/08, Sarah] I'm willing to accept bribes for my vote regarding Christmas Eve.
[12/08, Duke] Hmm. Should we make a separate list for that?
[12/08, Gloria] I failed to inform everyone that we will be going caroling after dinner before opening presents. All proceeds will be donated to the Southwest Indian Foundation.
[12/08, Kathy] (to Dave K) You do know that liquor cannot be mailed, right?
[12/08, Katie] Jasper and Stanley are perfectly happy to not get any gifts this year, since Stanley's favorite toy is a twist tie- found on any bread package, and Jasper's favorite toy is that stupid stuffed mouse that keeps showing up. Plus, they're really entertained by each other.
[12/09, Kathy] HRRMPH, HRRMPH, HRRMPH!!!!!
[12/10, Amy] Will someone please buy Uncle Rich the John Adams book? He's been asking for that almost as long as he's been asking for Dockers. Better yet, let me just tell you about him "He went to France during the Revolutionary War, he had a bunch of kids and a wife Abigail, his cousin makes good beer, he was second President of the United States, yadda yadda yadda." There, now you don't have to read the book.
[12/10, Rich] You mean all these years I've been asking for the wrong Adams? I mean SAM ADAMS! And the only reading I'll do will be the label.
[12/11, Lynn] After this move I need tons of that that eye cream so if anyone wants to make a trip to the lancome counter for my free samples, that would help out a lot. Just give to Carol for the trek to VIrginai Beach :) Elizabeth wants to put Princess and Belle in the best exchange so we want to revive it.
[12/11, Gloria] Would like any books about Dick Cheney
[12/14, Grandma Judge] Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I don't care for any of this family bickering over Christmas Eve. I don't have any problems with ending the grab-bag. My only wish is that you have plenty of generic grape pop and soda bread on hand. I have spoken.
[12/14, Rich] I have no problem getting rid of the grab bag...if, whoever impersonated Grandma Judge agrees to buy a gift for everybody else like the real Grandma Judge used to do... Ps. I'll get the generic grape pop


I like to be called...oh, wait, not THOSE pet names.