The 2003 Judge Family Christmas Wish List

Okay, maybe this page is getting a little stale. Okay, a lot stale. So now we're going to call this the Judge Family Retro Christmas Wish List. This is the 2003 edition. It's now our sixth year of doing this online. So if you have some ideas for people who might, for whatever reason, be buying you gifts, send me an email and I'll update them on this page. Maybe one of these years we'll automate it, but not in 2003.

Please note that I only update this page Monday through Friday. The last update this year will probably be on December 19, which will be my last day of work until after Christmas.

Oh, well. I still have up the previous versions online as well, which you can see by following THESE links:

2002 Christmas
2001 Christmas
2000 Christmas
1999 Christmas
1998 Christmas

The rules this year are the same. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list.

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HARVEY FAMILY Al Pat James Joan Matthew Thomas Emily Scott Kim Peyton Rachel
KRUSWICKI FAMILY Dave Kathy Karen Paul Timmy Joey Kevin John Casey
SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Emma Marc Duke Linda Dan Katie
HUNTER FAMILY Dave Betty Amy Joanna Sarah Katy
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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HUNTER Betty Katy


A-1 Harvey

dress shirts (17-1/2 x 33 or 34)
cordless digital alarm clock
flannel-lined blue jeans
Borders or Barnes & Noble gift certificate

Pat Harvey

Teapot....simple everyday style...large enough for when the whole group is here.
Sweats....large tops..medium bottoms
Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path ..body cream or lotion
Whatever you think is best.............
[BOOK]..Amelia Peabody's Egypt..A Compendium by Elizabeth Peters
Electric Tea Kettle.....White

James Harvey

Code 3 or Corgie rescue vehicles of any kind
gift certs to KB Toys (he can't seem to stay out of the store)
XL T-shirts of local fire companies
XL T-shirts of anything Chicago
XL sweaters
ps2 memory card of his own (he messes up the boys)
gift certs to any mens clothing store

Joan Harvey

dish towels
hot pads
small wooden cutting boards
gift certs to World Market
gift certs to Kitchen etc.
gift certs to Hancock fabrics
Rod Stewarts latest CD

Matthew Harvey

anything military
plane models
memory cards for ps2 (you can never have too many)
navy blue t-shirts (adult S or M)
gift certs to kb toys

Thomas Harvey

anything military
baseball cards
gift certs to KB toys
memory cards for ps2
anything about the Civil War in Virginia (he has the big contest April 16-17)
any fun t-shirts (adult S)
White Sox hat

Emily Harvey

easy bake oven supplies
anything American girl or hopscotch gang
barbie clothes (please no more dolls, they are taking over the house)
anything princess
arts and craft supplies
sewing cards or first sewing projects
Polly Pockets- magnetic ones

Scott Harvey

Sweat shirt XL
Polo type shirt XL
Golf shirt (short sleeve) XL
Golf balls (white ones)
Sport coat 44R
Dockers 35x30 or 31 (any color)
Sweat pants L or XL depending on the cut
Blue jeans 36x32 (35x32 is best but hard to find)Wrangler, Levi's
Winter coat

Kim Harvey

gift certificates to Victoria Secret, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Bed Beth and Beyond
trouser socks (black and to the knee; size 8)
LL Bean back pack
Victoria Secret perfume (any kind)
ANYTHING from Starbucks
Anything for the house, downstairs playroom, etc
Bathroom clock (chrome color and to hang on the wall)

Peyton Harvey

clothes - size 4 or 5T she is 34 pounds
washable paints (she loves crafts!)
McDonald gift certificates

Rachel Harvey

12-18 month clothes
baby books
piggy bank


Dave Kruswicki

Clos Du Bois Zinfindal (red)
Clos Du Bois Pinot Noir
Clos Du Bois Merlot
Grey Goose Vodka

Kathy Kruswicki

[DVD] Rio Bravo
A gym bag
wide leg cotton pants for going to the gym(sz large)
tea kettle
chenille sweater from Kohl's (ask Carol) sz large
Jean overalls (sz lg or 14/16)

Karen Halaburt

-Judith Jack CZ stud earrings available at
-Pure Simplicity Pumpkin Purifying Mask from Bath and Body Works
-The Gingerbread Man by Philosophy available at
-The Body Shoppe Cocoa Butter Body Butter
-Yankee Candle - Home Sweet Home scent
-Sara MaLachlan - Afterglow CD
-Shania Twain - UP CD
-Camera Bag for Kodak Easy Share CX6230 camera
-Dish Towels

Paul Halaburt

No Response Yet

Timmy Halaburt

-Pokemon cards
-Books about Pokemon
-Computer games
-Lilo & Stitch DVD
-Lion King DVD
-subscription to Sports Illustrated Kids

Joey Halaburt

-Matchbox cars
-Wiggles DVDs
-Barney DVDS
-Elmo DVDS
-Coloring Books
-"Guys" (figurines like power rangers, action figures)

Kevin Kruswicki

Nike golf balls.
Season 4 of M*A*S*H on DVD.
"To Catch A Thief" on DVD.

John Kruswicki

Best Buy gift cert.


Estee Lauder Pleasures
Lancome Miracls
any Old Navy sweaters (XL)


Carol Schnolis

-Bankers Desk lamp (Green cover)
-Perfumed body lotions
-Estee Lauder Beautiful
-Jean Patou Paris (I got a sample of this in Fields and it smelled nice-hope the name is right!!)
-Dresser Mirror
-Sweaters- (button not pull over)- size 2XL or 3XL
-Fleece- 1/4 zip or button- size 2XL(Can get mens 2 XL also)
-I'll need a new tea kettle too if I ever decide what color I'm doing my kitchen!!
-White Wicker furniture for my Sun room

Michael Schnolis

DVD: Godfather Series
DVD: Indiana Jones Trilogy (widescreen edition)
Crystal Decanters
Golfballs (Titleist Pro V1 or Titleist NXT Tour)
20 GB Ipod
Games for Macintosh (Golf or Action)
Gift Certificates to any Book or Music Store
Anything Purdue
Nothing Cubs or ND Please!!!

Lynn Schnolis

earrings chandelier or other pierced (surprise me)
Pajamas Med or Lg (depending on how they run) I like anything comfy or pj pants with shirts as tops.
More ideas to come
M.A.C. lipsticks any not too light
M.A.C. lip glass bright colors or red
tops or thin sweaters L or XL (any but I always love Gap, Banana
Republic Old Navy)
Gap jean jacket with colored sweater liner size L
Crate and Barrel square black plate set item #66001 $51.95
Any gift cards
Bundt cake pan (I really have never had one)
Good laundry basket, my cheap plastic one breaks in a month!

Elizabeth Schnolis

Anything for American Girls has Samantha and Felicity
Loves horse anything
Size 7 clothes even 8's in tops sometimes

Emma Schnolis

Leap Pad books (only has nemo and Disney princesses)
Anything Bitty Baby (Grandma bought her the twins for b-day) She would love anything to use with them.
Size 3/4 clothes and 8 shoe
Also loves horse stuff and baby stuff
Coloring books or books

Marc Schnolis

No Response Yet

Duke Schnolis

[BOOK] The Complete Far Side 1980-1994
[PLAYSTATION2] Driving Wheel
[CD] Eva by Heart, Eva Cassidy
[CD] Imagine, Eva Cassidy
[CD] Live at Blues Alley, Eva Cassidy
[CLOTHES] New balance shoes, any kind, size 12 4E
Gift certificates to any book, software, game, or electronics store.
Movie Posters (Shawshank Redemption, Philadelphia Story, Seven Samurai)
No DVDs!

Linda DaCosta

*Silver jewelry (sets, indiv pieces)
*Large fluffy bath towels (in bright colors!)
*Silk/stin pillowcases
*funky house slippers (the kind that covers your whole foot...past models
include homer simpson and the tazmanian devil)
*bean bag chair
*lava lamp
*incense holder
*Victoria's Secrets gift certificate
*Frederick's of Hollywood gift certificate
*More gift certs: Ann Taylor, AT Loft, Nine West, Old Navy, Gap, Limited (1st pick for gift certificate)
*gym bag (brightly colored if possible :) w/separate compartment for shoes!
The Ultimate Hair Care Set for Locs
"Contemplation" motivational poster (w/out frame)
"Serenity" poster (w/out frame)
"Opportunity" poster (w/out frame)
"Possibilities" poster (w/out frame)
"Footsteps" poster (w/out frame)
"Do It Anyway" (w/out frame)
LL Bean Stretch-Garbardine Double-Breasted Coat (Size: regular...on sale!)
The Cooyah Rasta Cap (Size: M, Color: Dark Green, Length of locs: shoulder)
ANYTHING GORE-TEX! Gloves, hat, scarf, socks...I HATE BEING COLD! :(
LL Bean Reversibe Down Jacket (Size: Misses Medium, Color: Citrus/Night)
winter stockings (for skirts, etc.): size large, colors black, navy blue, sheer (do they make sheer stockings?), cream (NO WHITE), funky, rich colors (rainbow!!)

Dan Schnolis

[GADGETS] Big Screen Travel Clock, #SI415SIL from Sharper Image or any big-screen alarm clock that has crescendo alarm sound.
Click here to see what it looks like.

[GADGETS] Any small 128mb Mp3 player that is adequate for jogging.
[GADGETS] Micro cassette Pearlcorder, preferably Sony or another solidly-built brand. Also will consider tapeless digital recorder.
[DVD] The Honeymooners -- Classic 39 episodes set.
[DVD] The Honeymooners -- Any of the lost episodes boxed sets.
[DVD] The Indiana Jones boxed set.
[DINERWARE] I'll probably catch hell for this, but I would like Deep Soup/Cereal Bowls (4) and more dinner plates (4) from Pfaltzgraff in the Ocean Breeze "paint scheme." (No gay jokes please.) Available here.
[TOOLS] Ryobi 50-piece (I think) quick interchange drill bit/driver set from The Depot.

Katie Anderson

[DVD] Friends Season 3, 4, or 5
[DVD] Robin Williams movies: Dead Poet's Society, Awakenings, Hook, Patch Adams (collector's edition), Toys, The World According to Garp, The Fisher King, Jacob the Liar, Mrs. Doubtfire, Comic Relief VII, Best of Comic Relief '90s,Jack, Being Human, Deconstructing Harry .
[CD BOOK] Wigfield: The can do town that just may not, By Amy Sedaris
[BOOK] Wacky Chicks by Simon Doonan
[GAME] Simon2
[BEDDING] Plain (no pattern) pale yellow, or light green, or light purple sheetset for a full sized bed.
[GADGETS] Car Charger for my cellphone: PCS Touchpoint Phone 2100 "Vehicle Power Adapter"

Available here.
Look under "shopping."


Dave Hunter

Fawlty Towers
Monty Python
Honeymooners - DVD or VHS
Sweater lightweight XXL
Flannel or Wool shirt XXL
Plain Dress Shirt (white, gray or tan) XXL or 18" x 34"
Wool Knit Cap
Lightweight wool socks
Turkey Fryer
Above & Beyond Calendar
Stanley Max Grip Adjustable Wrench - any size
Stanley Max Stick 24"
Irwin Pull Saw Any size (Menards)
GameBoy Pinball Game Cartridge
APEX AD-1225 CD/DVD player Sears #57123
Gift Certs to: Gander Mtn., Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

Betty Hunter

Ralph Lauren sweater
Madonna Watch
DVD Recorder camera
Blackberry PDF/Phone
Portable DVD player
Nike Sweatsuit
Food Saver
Chocolate macaroons
Pumpkin face scrub (smells "Homemade")
Ripka diamond necklace
Leather monogrammed tote bad
Fluffy robe with matching throw
and whatver else Lynn got on Oprah!

Amy Hunter

DVD - Indiana Jones Trilogy
DVD - Godfather Trilogy
Black Yoga pants from Old Navy sz L
Clinique Body Butter
Olive Oil dispenser/bottle
Burts Bees Coconut foot creme
Exercise/yoga mat
2004 wall calendar (Ireland or something nice for the kitchen. no nudies, please)

Joanna Hunter

Indiana Jones DVD box set
Thermal Press coffee pot (starbucks)
AC/DC: Live at Donington (DVD)
The Dirty Dozen (DVD)
Smokey & the Bandit (DVD)
Ken Burns 'Civil War' DVD box set
Pirates of the Carribean (DVD)
kitchen garbage can (see sarah for details)
gift cert to any bookstore
socks, I always need socks

Sarah Hunter

Plastic clothes hangers
Sound of Music DVD
Lord of the Rings : Two Towers Extended version DVD
Christmas Food Basket Donation to the Southwest Indian Foundation. Whole or a half, GO TO , then Products --> Donations.
Portable DVD player. this is IRREGARDLESS of Oprah's list, savvy?

Katy Hunter

No Response Yet


Rich Judge

Dress shirts, 17x34/35
Ties to go with above
Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD
Thermal socks (do not have to match shirts and ties)
Book: John Adams by David McCullough
A Rio Bravo poster like the one in the White Elephant grab bag a couple of years ago

Gloria Judge

[CD] As Time Goes By - The Great American Songbook Vol II - Rod Stewart
[DVD] Seabiscuit (will be released December 16 - Available to order on
18 piece Wine Glass Set (On Sale 50% off at Marshall Field's Thanksgiving weekend - $19.99)
A cotton robe (large) just like the one Kathy gave to Karen for her birthday

Lauren Judge

[DVD] Army Of Darkness((really want))
[DVD] Buffy the vampire slayer seasons 4 and 5 ((really want))
[DVD] Dreamcatcher
[DVD] Lord of the Rings the Two Towers Extended Edition ((really Want) )
[DVD] Down With Love
[DVD] X2: Xmen United
[CD] Jason Mraz
[CD] Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy up the girl
[XBOX] Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
[XBOX] Simpsons Hit and Run
[POSTER] James Marsters ((can probably find it on ))


[11/11, Duke] Well, here we go again. Let the ripping begin. Even earlier this year than last.
[11/11, Kathy] I have put Rio Bravo on my list again this year and whoever has my name should realize that I am serious. I hope Uncle Rich has my name, he could do a little impromptu Duke for us all at Christmas.
[11/22, Gloria] Are we going to have a White Elephant Grab Bag???
[11/23, Lauren] For white elephant this year, I say we go with Amy's idea from last year and raid Walgreens. Who's with me?
[11/26, Betty] I hope Oprah has my name, even though she didn't come to our Judge party
[11/28, Pat] Betty, stole my list. That list was supposed to be mine. I really, really need all of those things.
[12/01, Matt] Ok children, grow up we all know that Oprah had Lynn's name.
[12/02, Kathy] I see Karen wants a few Oprah item too.
[12/02, Karen] Mike. You better put some ideas up there or you will end up with some Notre Dame stuff or worse Cubs.
[12/03, Lynn] Notice I didn't do Mike's list for him this year because he actually WAS in town. Cubs stuff is fine with me.
[12/04, Kevin] OPRAH WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12/16, Lynn] Where are all the comments this year?
[12/17, Marc] Cubs Stuff or Notre Dame Stuff? I could take some Cubs stuff. At least they WON something this year.
[12/17, Lauren] Is there going to be a cookie day this year? I know I'm asking at short notice, but I'm starting to go into baking mode. It's not christmas until we get those butter cookies!


I have no intention whatsoever of doing a pet grab bag this year.