The 2002 Judge Family Christmas Wish List

Well, here it is once more, the Judge Family Christmas Homepage. This is the 2002 edition. It's now our fifth year of doing this online. You'd think I would have redesigned it by now. Oh, well. I still have up the previous versions online as well, which you can see by following THESE links:

2001 Christmas
2000 Christmas
1999 Christmas
1998 Christmas

I'll try to make this a little bit different, but it might end up looking the same anyway. If you don't like it, well, I'll just make up junky stuff to put in your wish list. =)

The rules this year are the same. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list.

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HARVEY FAMILY Al Pat James Joan Matthew Thomas Emily Scott Kim Peyton
KRUSWICKI FAMILY Dave Kathy Karen Paul Timmy Joey Kevin John
SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Emma Marc Duke Dan
HUNTER FAMILY Dave Betty Amy Joanna Sarah Katy
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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KRUSWICKI Dave Paul Kevin
HUNTER Amy Joanna


A-1 Harvey

[CD] Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken Volume 2" (mid 80s release)
[CD] Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, "Will the Circle Be Unbroken Volume 3" (new release)
[CD] Allison Krauss & Union Station - Live (new release)
Cardigan sweater
Gym Bag

Pat Harvey

[DVD] Star Wars Episode 2
Bath and Body Works .. Lotions and Creams...Anything Lavender/Vanilla flavor....or the Lavender Aromatherapy products.
L.L. Bean Polartec Driving Gloves .....size small
L.L. Bean LCD travel alarm clock
Drum roooooolllll please....Khaki Dockers..flat front...10m
[CD] Alan Jackson - Let it Be Christmas

James Harvey

XL Rugby shirts
XL Sweaters
Anything that is related to Fire and Rescue

Joan Harvey

Wooden spoons
Sushi plates
Really good chopsticks
Basically anything associated with sushi- (I live for the stuff)
Gift certs to Kohl's, Hecht's, etc...
[CD] Rascal Flatts - Melt

Matthew Harvey

Anything Military- Military Aircraft- especially Naval Aircraft
WWII to present--- posters, books, calendars
Big clunky watch silver in color- men's
Music for fife- civil war marching tunes
Music for tiperinary-aka. irish penny flute

Thomas Harvey

Anything Military
WWII posters, books, calendars
Civil War items
Anything about history of the civil war, and WWII.

Emily Harvey

She is still a little thing... 2t for pants- 3t tops.
craft items--- loves stickers
[CD] Shania Twain - Up

Scott Harvey

Casual brown leather belt 36" or 38"
PS2 game. Already have Medal of Honor Frontline, NHL Hockey 2003, Gran
Tourismo, Grand Theft Auto, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City.
Polo type pull over shirts. XL.
Button down casual shirts. XL.
Paperback books. (Have not bought anything new lately.)
Rio Bravo, (or was it Rio Lobo, or was it Rio Grande, or was it Flying down to Rio.)
Victory at Sea series if it is out on DVD.
A new pair of Rollerblades.

Kim Harvey

Any kind of silver jewelry (earrings w/posts, small conservative necklaces, etc.)
Pajamas of any kind (small or petite) for after the baby!
Anything from Bath and Body Works
[CD] Faith Hill's new CD
[CD] Dixie Chicks' new CD
King Size flanel sheets (hunter green or cream color)

Peyton Harvey

Clothes size 3T-4T-5T
she loves any kinds of books or puzzles for 3-4 year olds
lavender/lilac colored flanel sheets (twin size)


Dave Kruswicki

No Response Yet

Kathy Kruswicki

-Black cardigan (XL) (JCPenney)
-Navy Blue cardign (XL) JCPenney)
-Clear canister set
-Multi picture frames
-Leopard print purse (JCPenney)
-Rio Bravo DVD
-Emroidered flannel shirt (Lane Bryant) Size 1X

Karen Halaburt

-Black turtleneck sweater (lightweight) (Size Medium)
-Any lightweight sweater to wear with jeans.
-Fun Wine glasses
-Casual socks
-[CD] U2 - The Best of 1990-2000
-[CD] Santana - Supernatural
-[CD] Bruce Springsteen -The Rising
-[CD] Dixie Chicks - Home
(No comments on my music selections please. Anything is better than listening to Radio Disney all the time)

Paul Halaburt

No Response Yet

Timmy Halaburt

-Leap Pad software. (He is getting Leap Pad for christmas and Bob the Builder software for it.)
- [DVD} Monsters Inc
- Games
- Anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine, Rescue Heroes, Spiderman, Batman.

Joey Halaburt

He is not choosy yet. However, if you need a size for clothes I think 9 or 12 months stuff would be best.

Kevin Kruswicki

No Response Yet

John Kruswicki

gift certificates to golf galaxy and/or best would be great


Carol Schnolis

vanity/dresser mirror
Cardigan Sweatshirt size 2 or 3 X, any color or zip hooded sweatshirt cardigan (have a grey one already), any other color, size 2 or 3 X
Moccasin suede slippers (like Uncle Dave's) size men's 7
Aromatics Elixir Body Smoother (by Clinique)
Este Lauder BEAUTIFUL Body lotion
Fleece 1/4 zip or button size 2XL (Probably have better luck in men's sizes)
Can always use work blouses size 22/24 or 2 or 3 X
small post earrings in colors (don't like wires or hoops)
CD and movie list to come soon!!!
AT&T cordless phone with caller ID for call waiting. model number 9345 (very reasonable at Best Buy if they still have it!!)

Michael Schnolis

[DVD] Band of Brothers Mini-Series
[CD] U2 - The Best of 1990-2000
Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (New or X-Outs)
Purdue Pete Golf Headcover (see )
GIft certificates to Amazon or

Lynn Schnolis

[DVD] Sleeping Beauty (Coming soon---don't know when)
Subscriptions to:
- Martha Stewart Living
- Southern Living
- Cooking Light
- Australian Smocking and Embroidery
- Creative Keepsakes magazine (scrapbooking)
The Ding King-no jokes please
New Elvis Cd collection that had remix from English artist ?

Elizabeth Schnolis

[DVD] Shrek
Felicity American Girl
American Girl mama cat and kitten A9--KBAAR $16.00
Pixter Plus games (she is getting this for Christmas)
American Girl "coconuts puppy carrier" for the dog $16.00
Anything Am Girl (has Lindsey and Samantha)
Rapunzel Ken and Rapunzel enchanted tower
Subscription to American Girl magazine
And finally for the boy in her....... her very own special request from Toys R Us catalog "Matchbox Emergency Car Wash"
Leap Frog Leap Pad
Leap Frog Leap Pad books and accessories
Earrings - Christmas themed or other

Emma Schnolis

Anything sz 2T
Loves everything but I picked a few things for her:
Absolutely loves books
Loves Mickey, Minnie, Snow White and Cinderella
[DVD] Cinderella #1
[DVD] The Little Mermaid
Leap Frog "my first leappad"
software or books for Leap Frog IMagination Desk

Marc Schnolis

plain dress shirts size 17 1/2 or 18 neck, 37/38 sleeve
ties (non boring colors!)
Chicago Sports teams sweat shirts size 2XL
gift certificates for: Sear, Kohls, JC Penny
Book store gift certificates

Duke Schnolis

[PC GAME] The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions
[CD] Cool Blue Rocks: Rock 'N' Roll in the Bluegrass Tradition
[DVD] Beauty and the Beast
[DVD] Shrek
[DVD] Monsters, Inc.
[DVD] Amelie
[DVD] Life as a House
[BOOK] The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking
[SHOES] New Balance Cross Trainers, size 12, width 4E
Woodshop non-power Tools: Chisel set, Planing tools, C-Clamps 4" or larger, Bar Clamps, 24-48"
Woodshop Power Tools: Jointer, Thickness Planer, Jigsaw
[PS2] Monopoly Party Game for PlayStation2
[PS2] Tetris Worlds
Any video game for PlayStation2 or PC

Dan Schnolis

[TOOLS] Rotozip spiral saw tool Click here to see one.
[TOOLS] Rotozip Zip Mate attachment. (I've listed these two as separate items although they can be purchased together but at a higher price.) Click here to see
[TOOLS] I would like a decent Sawzall reciprocating saw. A WHATzall?
[CD] Those of you who are qualified may purchase and gift to me good Irish music. I have had terrible luck buying any good Irish music in the last two years. I like the traditional pub songs familiar to Shannon's regulars.
[XBOX] NCAA College Football.
[BOOK] Any basic web design resource book.
[COMPUTER] A good Spanish tutorial program.
[DVD] The Godfather three-pack.
[DVD] The Hunt For Red October.
[COLOGNE] Hugo Boss cologne.

Some more last-minute ideas...
[STUFF] Medium-size DVD movie tower.
[STUFF] A nice multi-tool gadget like the Leatherman.
[STUFF] Micro cassette Pearlcorder, preferably Sony or another solidly-built brand.
[STUFF] All-Glass Mini Bow 2.5 gallon fish tank.
[STUFF] A new boss ... oops, already got that one.


Dave Hunter

Betty Hunter

Perfume sampler
Blouses for work, sz 18-20, any, light blue,
Queen Size black tights from Old Navy
XXLg T-Shirts, Jimmy Buffet, ND, any police Dept, military, patriotic, Disney...
Harry Connick Jr CD, "Songs I Heard"
dressy socks-dk blue or black
Sz 18 "designer" jeans (Faded Glory stretch from WalMart!)
Sz X Lg nylon, lined, wind pants
simple gold hoops, less than 1" wide

Amy Hunter

No Response Yet

Joanna Hunter

No Response Yet

Sarah Hunter

[CD] U2 Best of 1990-2000
[CD] Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way"
[DVD] Reign of Fire
[DVD] Spiderman
[DVD] Rio Bravo
[DVD] The Misfits
[BOOK] Jonathan Kellerman "The Murder Book"
[DVD] Reservoir Dogs (there are 4 different colored versions: preferences: Blonde, Orange, Pink, White)
[DVD] Minority Report
[DVD] *NSYNC - Most Requested Hit Videos (due out December 17th)
[CALENDAR] *NSYNC or James Dean or Marilyn Monroe
[CD] Sinatra in Hollywood 1940 - 1964
[DVD] Skinwalkers (Barnes & has it)
[DVD] Tombstone
[DVD] Red Curtain Triology (Strictly Ballroom, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge)

Katy Hunter

Band of Brothers- DVD
Banana Republic "Classic" Perfume
Phish "Live From Vegas" DVD (, under the "Dry Goods" section)
Chunky wool gloves( dark gray, gray or black)
Chenille throw blanket, Full or queen size, navy or yellow
Black and White framed Elvis picture circa 68's vegas comeback tour (black leather outfit, not quite white jumpsuit yet....)
pink nubuck or suede puma low tops size 7.5
Lonesome Dove on DVD


Rich Judge

[DVD] Star Wars Episode II
[DVD} The Magnificent Seven
[DVD] Fellowship of the Ring, Special Edition
[CD] GooGoo Dolls, Dizzy Up the Girl

Long sleeve business casual shirts, 17/34
Jeans, 38-30
Sweatshirts or sweaters, XL
Of course, we can't forget.........Dockers
[BOOKS ON TAPE] Robert Ludlum (except the Bourne Identity), John Irving, David Baldacci
[DVD] Band of Brothers

Golf Bag, with legs

Gloria Judge

Surprise me!!!

Lauren Judge

[CD] Road to Perdition soundtrack
[CD] Weezer "Maladroit"
[CD] John Mayer - "Room 4 Squares"
[CD] GooGoo Dolls - "Gutterflower"
[CD] "When Love Speaks" - spoken Shakespeare (online only)
[CD] Jimmy Buffet - Songs You Know By Heart

[DVD] The Reel N'Sync
[DVD] Spiderman
[DVD] 102 Dalmations
[DVD] Someone Like You
[DVD] Queen of the Damned
[DVD] Monsters, Inc
[DVD] Horatio Hornblower - series from A&E
[DVD] Forsyte Saga - series from A&E
[DVD] Enemy at the Gates
[DVD] Orange County
[DVD] Reign of Fire

[XBOX] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[XBOX] Medal of Honor
[XBOX] Outlaw Golf


Anything N'Sync
Jeans, size 9, flared, Todd Oldham brand (he is a jeans making god!)
Shirts, medium or large
[DVD] Austin Powers in Goldmember


[11/13, Lauren] Sarah, Not Rio Bravo, Anything But that.
[11/14, Rich] If the animals have a grab bag, Java could use a Richard Simmons exercise tape, and Jasmine could use a gift certificate to anger management classes.
[11/14, Sarah] The sun is sinking in the west...the cattle go done to the stream / The redwing settles in her's time for a cowboy to dream.
[11/15, Amy] Why does Uncle RIch need more Dockers? Does his golf bag need a pair since it has legs?
[11/15, Amy] Lauren - Todd Oldham smiled at me at a Target meeting this summer...he's a little short to be a god.
[11/20, Matt] Lauren.... get a real singing group...n*sync is a wimpy group
[11/20, Rich] Joan, Imay be mistaken, but aren't severe cramps and diarrhea associated with sushi?
[11/21, Joan] Uncle Rich, one would expect sever cramps and diarrhea if one was eating raw fish caught from any body of water that runs thru or near Chicago. I have never experienced any of those symptoms or worse from eating sushi only when eating bird. I also am smart enough to know not to eat any thing caught out of the Potomac.

[11/22, Duke] Okay, everyone, I'll be away until December 2, so there will be no updates to the web page until then. Keep sending me emails and I'll update the list when I get back from my cruise.
[11/29, Gloria] Are we going to have a pet grab bag? Are we going to exchange White Elephant gifts?
[12/05, Duke] Well, I'm back from the cruise and mostly recovered from the flu I got when I got back. The site is now updated as of today.
[12/05, Betty] Our step-grand-dog Buzz needs a doggie bed. If necessary, we can do the shopping for it and have the cost added to his monthly dog-support check.
[12/06, Betty] Danny: I thought your mom had guy come in and fix the house, what do you need all those tools for?
[12/06, Betty] Marc: Are you sure you want a shirt from a Chicago team? Stick with Mt. Carmel, they are the only ones winning.
[12/06, Betty] And for all of you former Soldier Field employees, I spent 30 minutes sitting next to it this morning (waiting for Metra to get moving), and right now it looks like the half-finished Death Star, hope it improves.
And speaking of Metra, after that long delay this morning, which Metra PR person do I run into buying breakfast as if Nothing was wrong???... The automated voice on the train told me more than he did.
[12/07, Rich] I am proud to see so many requests for Rio Bravo on DVD this year. Lauren was also going to ask for it, but I worked out a fair rental agreement with her so she can watch my copy.
[12/07, Rich] Danny, the best way to improve your choice of Irish music is to imbibe in some genuine Irish Whiskey before listening to it. Amy, Pat and I sampled some good stuff in September, but I can't remember the names (duh!).
[12/07, Rich] No one is responding to the question of white elephant gifts, so let's settle this now. I want a "harrumph" out of all those in favor.
[12/07, Rich] Scott, asking for rollerblades at your age is like asking for a Red Ryder BB gun as a kid. You won't shoot your eye out, but you will BREAK YOUR %#!* ANKLE!
[12/07, Rich] Uncle Dave K., what flavor Kahlua do you want this year?
[12/07, Rich] Since Gloria has refused to put any specific items on her list, Lauren and I would like to suggest that whoever has her name buy her a good supply of golf balls, or a new XBox game.
[12/07, Rich] As I type this, Gloria just called down to me that she found the cranberry sauce that was supposed to be served on Thanksgiving. I'd be careful of any white elephant gift that she brings.
[12/09, Amy] Uncle Rich - it was Power's whiskey that was the best...and you can put that on my list.
[12/09, Amy] White Elephant - consider this a "harumph" idea for white elephant is we all storm Walgreen's in South Holland at 5pm on Christmas Eve with $5 each and buy the tackiest thing we can find...whoever gets in line behind the most old ladies with coupons and a checkbook wins (here's a hint : get in line behind Auntie Betty)
[12/10, Pat] The really good stuff was the Jamesons. At three in the afternoon after no sleep the night before all of the samples tasted pretty darn good by the end.......except for the scotch...ick.
[12/12, Betty] Since I am "in charge" of Christmas Eve I say we have the white elephant, even if people have to run out to their cars and grab stuff again, or better yet, do what Amy said, all run to walgreens at the last minute. Also, I started a menu tonight, if anyone has any suggestions other than the yearly Beef Sandwiches, potato bake, mostaccioli, the newly added garlic mashed potatoes, let me know. That should put us all in a good carbo coma. Also, donations of appies and desserts are accepted.
[12/13, Gloria] Rich Judge apparently has too much time on his hands.
[12/13, Gloria] Betty Hunter apparently has too much time on his hands.
[12/15, Gloria] WARNING WARNING......Betty please don't put Rich in charge of the Roast Beef on Christmas Eve. He just used a "candy thermometer" to cook our roast beef tonight. I was wondering why it was taking so long to cook a rare beef roast.
[12/15, Gloria] Amy, I have already wrapped my White Elephant gifts. Anyway I've seen enough of Walgreens. It's bad enough I have to get my medication there.
[12/15, Gloria] The sage on the beef roast was excellent
[12/16, Carol] I packed away my white elephant gift because I thought we weren't having one, now I have to go dig it out!! Can't not put this one in!!! [12/16, Amy] Not many comments this year. I know the Kruswicki's have a new computer let's hear from Uncle Dave?!!! (opened up a whole can of worms there) [12/16, Amy] I volunteer to pick up the beef at Calabria's - I'll get a bottle of wine and an order of canoli to go with it.
[12/16, Amy] An FYI for everyone, I'm going to the Tacky Packer Tchachki Store in the mall for my white elephant gift.
[12/17, Karen] Actually we have a whole box of white elephants from last year in our crawl space for any takers to rummage through. Paul is taking the Gilligan's Island singing cookie jar for a work white elephant present ... poor Timmy has no idea.
[12/17, Karen] Amy, while you are at the Tacky Packer store pick up something for the newest Packer fan in the family ... Timmy. He has recently declared that the Bears stink and his new favorite team is the Packers. [12/17, Karen] Amy, while at Calabria's pick up some blue chees and olives too.


Dare we attempt another pet grab bag? I wonder.