The 2001 Judge Family Christmas Wish List

Well, here it is once more, the Judge Family Christmas Homepage. This is the 2001 edition. I still have up the previous versions online as well, which you can see at the following pages:

2000 Christmas
1999 Christmas
1998 Christmas

I'll try to make this a little bit different, but it might end up looking the same anyway. If you don't like it, well, I'll just make up junky stuff to put in your wish list. =)

The rules this year are the same. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list.

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HARVEY FAMILY Al Pat James Joan Matthew Thomas Emily Scott Kim Peyton
KRUSWICKI FAMILY Dave Kathy Karen Paul Timmy Kevin John
SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Emma Marc Duke Dan
HUNTER FAMILY Dave Betty Amy Joanna Sarah Katy
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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A-1 Harvey

[DVD or VHS] Pearl Harbor
Cardigan sweater
Shirts: dress shirts or work casual shirts, long or short sleeved. (sizes: XL; neck 17-1/2; sleeve 34).

Pat Harvey

Ok folks here is my list. By all means please feel free to improvise! Your choice is acceptable to me.
* Xav's sweatshirt...I saw a powder blue one with blue letters in a catalog. ..Red or gray is also ok. size large
* Gold earrings
* Bath and Body Works Tranquil Sleep Body Lotion
* DVD.... Star Wars Episode 1 The Phanton Menace
* Time Life Treasury of American Folk music...Any set
* Pink chenille cardigan sweater...from Targhaay

James Harvey

XL rugbies
XL or XXL T-shirts from area fire depts. (most sell some sort of shirt)
Extrication gloves ()
Any interesting flashlights- the bigger the better
Real dress socks... not the thick ones
Code 3 emergency vehicles
Corgie emergency vehicles and any matchbox fire and rescue
Gift certificate to

Joan Harvey

The clapper (you all have seen the commercials, I am personally tired of getting up to turn off the light at night)
[BOOK] The Naked Chef Cookbook
Sushi books
A boob job (because mine are sagging big time...)
Gift certificates to, kohl's, hancock fabrics, keepsake quilting.
exopat non-stick baking mat

Matthew Harvey

Military- anything!!! including MRE's, gear, clothing, books, posters, models, pictures, basically anything associated with the military. Especially likes military aircraft.

Thomas Harvey

Military- anything!!! including MRE's, gear, clothing, books, posters, models, pictures, basically anything associated with the military. Especially likes military aircraft.

Emily Harvey

Barbie (mommy removes any small pieces)
Barbie accessories and clothing
Blues Clues, (please no stuffed Blues, mommy has one hidden in the attic and I already have two)
Dora the Explorer
Clothes- 18mon -24mon (I'm a little bitty thing).

Scott Harvey

-Casual shirts (polo style or button down) XL
-Wallet (black, bi-fold)
-Book store gift cert.
-Music store gift cert.
-Sport coat ( 44 reg.)
-Ties (time to modernize)

Kim Harvey

-Any type of DVD movies
-Silver Jewelry
-Casual earrings for pierced ears. Post type. Nothing large.([Scott] She just had hers done)
-Flannel PJ's (Small)
-Anything from Anne Taylor (clothes or gift cert.) (size 2, s, or xs)
-Emergency car kit

Peyton Harvey

- Nothing -


Dave Kruswicki

Golf Balls
Sterling Vineyard's Merlot

Kathy Kruswicki

radio for my desk at work
charm holder for necklace
scrunch hat and gloves, chenille, dark purple
electric knife?
dvd's, check w/Karen for titles
White Shoulders body lotion
Chenille sweater, sz 2x, v neck
water shoes for the pool, sz 9
a nice bag for going to the pool to carry suit/shoes/towel
corduroy overalls, XL, Black or Brown

Karen Halaburt

-Belleek Snowman ornament (caroling snowman)
-Earrings (nothing expensive, something to wear everyday)
-Maternity Boot Cut leg Jeans from Old Navy or Gap (Size Medium or Size 10)
-Slippers (size 71/2)
-Subscription to Southern Living magazine
-Maternity Sweater (size M)
-Socks (black, grey, brown)
-Under the Cabinet Radio

Paul Halaburt

-Long Sleeve Dress Shirts (Size XL or 17 34 x 35)
-Golf Balls
-Golf Hat
-Golf Shirt (size XL)
-Subscription to Golf Digest Magazine
-Wine (Clos Du Bois Merlot)

Timmy Halaburt

-Coloring books, crayons, markers, glue. He is into drawing these days.
-Anything Buzz or Woody related, he also likes Power Rangers, Blues Clues, Bob the Builder.
-Jack Stone Lego set.
-The Grinch Movie

Kevin Kruswicki

Golf Balls
[CD] Best of the Doobie Brothers

John Kruswicki

Golf Balls
Gift certificate to Auto Zone (needs cover for pick up truck)


Carol Schnolis

-Fleece or sweatshirt material cardigan size 2XL (any color but beige)
-any kind of earrings, (not dangly), (post only) need all colors for work
-Blouses, size 22-24 or 2XL (Button front like a shirt, no jersey)
-Flannel bottoms, (to use for lounging and pj's) size mens XL
-patchwork quilt for a king size bed(mine is shredding!!)
-MYSTIC (by Marilyn Miglin) body lotion

Michael Schnolis

Accessories for a "Pocket PC" (games, programs, etc..)
"CF Card" Modem for a Pocket PC
[DVD] Star Wars Ep.One
[DVD] Pearl Harbor
[Computer Game] Links 2001 (golf game)
Gift Certificates (Amazon,

Lynn Schnolis

[CD] Barenaked Ladies Greatist Hits
[CD] Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits
Souther Sideboards Cookbook ( or elsewhere)
Come On In! A collection from the Junior League of Jackson, MS (cookbook)
Origins Night-A-Mins lotion (Fields, Nordstrom, online)
Origins Daytime Lotion with SPF
[DVD] Spy Kids for me and the girls
Gift Certificates
Subscription to People
renewal Subscription to Australian Smocking and EMbroidery magazine (

Elizabeth Schnolis

Wears size 6 clothes or 13 shoes
Mom requests:
Lizzie requests:
Disney Castle polly pocket and dumbo ride accessory kit (Disney catalog or walmart)
New Robe
Arts and Crafts and supplies

Emma Schnolis

She wears a 12-18 months
White leather kids size 6
She is pretty easy to please
Mozart Music blocks by Neurosmith (Amazon or various online locations)
Extra cartridges for Mozart Music blocks
Puzzle stool with Emma Kate letters

Marc Schnolis

Bears Golf Polo size XL
Dress Dockers(pleated front) Gray or Black size 36/34
dress shirts- light stripes or checks, size 171/2 neck / 36/37 sleeve
gift certificates to a book store (Walden books near by)
Gift certificates to Chili's

Duke Schnolis

[BOOK] Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen
[BOOK] Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand
[BOOK] The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking
[DVD] Cinema Paradiso
[DVD] You Can Count on Me
[SHOES] New Balance Cross Trainers, size 12, width 4E

Dan Schnolis

[Computer Game] Links (golf)
[Computer Game] Madden (football)
[Computer Game] B17 Flying Fortress
[Computer Program] A good Spanish tutorial program
[DVD] Soprano's First Season
[DVD] Soprano's Second Season
[DVD] The Godfather
[DVD] Blazing Saddles
[DVD] The Hunt For Red October
[BOOK] When Capone's Mob Murdered Touhey
[BOOK] The Firefighter's Workout Book
[BOOK] A Basic web design resource book
[COLOGNE] Perry Ellis 360 OR
Contradiction for men.(I prefer Cologne and not Aftershave but both are nice.)
[TOOLS] A good mid-sized shopvac
[TOOLS] Rotozip spiral saw
Click here to see one in the Menard's sale paper
[TOOLS] Craftsman Professional 4-piece pliers set Click here to see one at Sears/com
[TOOLS] Milwaukee sawzall What's that?


Dave Hunter

DVD - Fawltey Towers
Book - Microsoft Train Simulator Tips and Secrets
CD - Meat Loaf - StoryTellers
Stanley Tools - Black Max Ruler
Flannel Shirt - XXL
Tool Bag, Canvas, "Big Mouth"
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - XXL

Betty Hunter

combo gold and silver earrings. Hoops only
stand up paper towel holder
[CD] Mick Jagger - Goddess in the Doorway
T shirts-sz XL
[DVD] Pearl Harbor

Amy Hunter

Cappucino/Coffee Maker-Melita makes one and it's sold at Target
Crock Pot
Electric toothbrush
[CD] Harry Connick Jr - "Songs I've Heard Before"
[CD] Barenaked Ladies "Greatest Hits" (here come the "comments")
[CD] Mellencamp - "Cuttin Heads"

Joanna Hunter

boom box w/ cdplayer & tape deck
toaster oven
[CD] Steely Dan 'the Royal Scam'
[BOOK] Stephan Ambrose 'Citizen Soldier'

Sarah Hunter

[BOOK] Flesh and Blood by Jonathon Kellerman
[DVD] Memento
[CD] 12 Bar Blues: Scott Weiland
[VHS] Gentlemen Prefer Blondes;
[VHS] There's No Business like Show Business;
[VHS] Bus Stop
[DVD] Pride and Prejudice (box set BBC, 1995, starring colin firth)
[CD] Lenny; Lenny Kravitz
[DVD] Absolutely Fabulous -- complete collection
[DVD] Traffic
[DVD] A Knight's Tale
[DVD] Bridget Jones' Diary
[DVD] Enemy at the Gates
[DVD] Swordfish

Katy Hunter

[CD] Strokes: This Is It
[DVD] Friday
[DVD] Office Space
A Watch -- silver
Historical Picture Books of War Battlefields and Battles (Civil War, Revlutionary War etc.)


Rich Judge

Dockers - Size 38 -30 (No Pleats)
Fluffy Sweatshirt - Size XXL
A Bro (Manzierre)
[DVD] Star Wars Episode 1

Gloria Judge

Bath Towels
The new Jewel CD (This Way?)
Frango Mints

Lauren Judge

[CD] N Sync - Celebrity
[CD] No Doubt - Rock Steady (Comes Out Dec 11)
[CD] Breakfast Club Soundtrack
[CD] Harry Potter
[CD] Pink Misunderstood
[CD] Jessica Andrews - Who I Am
[POSTER] James Marsters - Spike on Buffy & The V Slayer ( has it)
[ComputerGame] The Sims - Hot Date
[DVD] Planet of the Apes - (The New one)
[DVD] The Grinch
[DVD] Bring It On
[DVD] Moulin Rouge
[DVD] Princess Diaries
[DVD] House on Haunted Hill


[Pat 11/30] This comment section looks really really naked. Lets get busy folks. Personally I was wondering what the rules of conduct are for christmas at Pauls Place...(That sounds like a bar.). Are we going to have break dancing? Will the Phantom Gorilla of South Holland make a repeat appearance? Only the shadow knows.
[Duke 11/30] Sorry for the late start this year. I'm sure you'll all make up for lost time...
[Sarah 11/30] to Amy - Uh, I think the comments will come from the joohn hoosier cd not the barenaked ladies.
[Sarah 11/30] to Pat - It will be the Gorilla dressed in Betty's Halloween Costume: the Gorilla of Liberty.
[Pat 12/03] And just who would the gorilla be carrying that torch for? Especially along Sibley Blvd.
[Joan 12/03] to Amy I think that the "Bare Naked Ladies" should get together with my "Naked Chef".
[Joan 12/03] Would those who haven't turned in their wish lists... Please hurry up. I am bound and determined to get all of my shopping done in a timely manner. I hate waiting till the last minute....thanks....
[Amy 12/04] What exactly does Uncle Rich DO with Dockers that he needs new ones every year?
[Karen 12/04] Hello, Paul's Place is hosting Festivous 2001 this Xmas Eve and looking forward to seeing everyone up in Wisconsin, Oops I mean Grayslake, Illinois. Contrary to the rumors spreading about Paul setting rules for this event, ( I mean who the heck does he think he is anyway), we are both very excited to be hosting this year. I assure everyone they will be entitled to full use of the bathrooms, a heated house, etc., and Joanna hell you can even come sockless...
[Karen 12/04] To Jim and Joan Okay, this is a family website, not a porn site. Extrication gloves, boob jobs? What's next, leather whips?
[Rich 12/4] For those who may be wondering, I do not abuse Dockers; but my pink ones that I wear to watch "You've got Male" have worn out.
[Rich 12/04] For whomever has my name: The Bro (or is it a Manzierre?) should be a DD for my sagging man-breasts. Should be cheaper than a man-boob job.
[Rich 12/04] For the Gorilla of Liberty: You can borrow my Bro if you want.
[Rich 12/04] Who is in charge of the Festivous Pole? Will we draw names for opponents in the Feats of Strength, or just wrestle the person who had our name?
[Lauren 12/04] Let's reinstate the pet grab bag. I went out and got another dog just for this. Otherwise I'll have to give Jazmine as a white elephant gift.
[Lauren 12/04] After all the crap I took last year for requesting a Journey CD, how can we let people get away with Harry Connick Jr, Breakfast Club Soundtrack and Sushi books? Ooops, the Breakfast Club was me.
[Joan 12/04] to Karen Oops I forgot to add the leather whip to my list along with a good set of handcuffs.
[Betty 12/04] to Gloria When did Gloria's Jewel put out a CD? Do they sing about groceries and meat and stuff? I wonder if my Jewel is going to put one out...
[Betty 12/05] to Joan Kinky stuff out in VA these days, your comment said you are "bond" and leather whips. It's always the quiet ones that fool you.
[Betty 12/05] to Lauren You have inherited your father's sense of humor (Compliment or be the judge!?!), pretty funny about Jazmine. Or were you not being funny? My "granddog" Buzzy would like to be in a pet grab bag. You check with everyone who wants to be in it and draw the names and let everyone know.
[Joan 12/05] Oops. I made a typo when I [submitted] one of my comments. I did not intend to type 'bond' but instead is should have been 'bound'.
[Schultzie 12/05] to Lauren Schultzie thinks a pet grab bag is a good idea. I like soft dog treats. I love snausages and can even eat one without clearing the room fifteen minutes later.
[Amy 12/05] to Karen Don't worry, we all know who's really in charge in Grayslake. As Joanna said, it's cute that Paul thinks he has a say in what really goes on Christmas Eve.
[Gloria 12/05] Joan, are you expecting? With all of the kinky stuff going on, just thought I'd ask.
[Karen 12/06] to Joan Joan god forbid you make a typo on this website. You will be raked over the coals
[Karen 12/06] to Rich What exactly is a fluffy sweathshirt? First a bro, now a fluffy sweathshirt, what's next woman's underwear?
[Joanna 12/06] WOOHOO!! NO SOCKS!!!
[Joanna 12/06] I now have a stupid cat of my own, so I guess I can be in the pet grab bag too! A shopping hint, he likes pipe cleaners, the plastic ring off of milk cartons and cat nip, lots of cat nip!
[Karen 12/06] Okay, so if we can get a hold on a Santa suit, who would volunteer to dress up? If we have people willing to dress in a Gorilla of Liberty outfit, why not a Santa?
[Carol 12/06] Rigel and Clancy would like to be in the pet grab bag, and they're very easy to buy for, any empty plastic bottle is a fine toy!!!
[Joan 12/06] to Gloria No, I am not pregnant. I think that I have enough kids right now.
[Sarah 12/06] At first Katy and I thought Uncle Rich had hacked into Lauren's email to send the comment about Jazmine and the White elephant crack. We had a good laugh over that one.
[Duke 12/11] Hey, everybody. Sorry for the lack of updates. The extraction of my wisdom teeth was fine, and I'm now back and work and diligently working to get all the comments online.
[Lauren 12/06] I think I should also be able to claim the Gorilla of Liberty as my pet in the grab bag. He would like a wall mounted hair dryer. He lost his other one.
[Rich 12/06] to Karen I hadn't thought of women's underwear, thanks for the suggestion. Just the thought makes me want to sing.
[Rich 12/07] To those who may have seen or heard the news release about a dormitory fire at Western Illinois University, I just want to say that I was nowhere near Macomb, IL at 4:00 am on December 7, 2001.
[Carol 12/11] If there is going to be a pet grab bag, can we bring our pets to the xmas party too?
[Gloria 12/11] Are Paul and Uncle Dave K secretly reading the Website comments? If so, we'd like to hear from you...... Now about the gift exchange--I will bring Twister. It will be the theme for present opening.
[Betty 12/11] I heard from Paul that is ok for everyone to bring their pets to Christmas Eve. Even Timmy might get one to keep before the night is over.
[Lynn 12/12] to Amy if you don't get your toothbrush, let me know- my mom gets them practically free at her office.
[Lynn 12/12] I wish we were going to be around for the actualy Christmas Eve this year because it seems like it sure is gogin to be a good one!
[Lynn 12/12] to East Coast Clan Now that we are goign to be moving to VA Beach in March-maybe we can get thomas and Matt out on the carrier to see some real planes! They are ONLY allowed Navy ones so no one is to buy him any of those OTHER military aircraft to play with!
[Sarah 12/12] Timmy can have Buzz. He's getting a bath now. I'll send along a little bag with his allergy medicine and of course his extremely loud squeaky fire hydrant chew toy.
[Duke 12/13] Okay, the Pets drew names last night, and are now updated on this page.
[Gloria 12/14] to Danny Are you building a house?
[Gloria 12/14] Forget Twister on Christmas Eve....takes too long. I am now orchestrating a "surprise" present opening. Everyone will have to be alert, so there won't be any jello shots involved. It should be fun.
[Betty 12/16] Uncle Dave K. has his white elephant already picked out, so I hope everyone else is searching for that perfect gift.


Okay, here goes an attempt at Pet Grab Bag Names. If your pet is not listed, please let me know quickly. I'm going to try to pick the names for the exchange on 12/12. Unless otherwise noted, these animals are dogs.
Rigel Carol buys gift for Gabby
Clancy Carol buys gift for Jazmine
Schultzie Pat buys gift for Rigel
Buzz Betty buys gift for Rufus
Gabby (cat) Linda buys gift for Clancy
Rufus (cat) Linda buys gift for Java
Bogart Duke buys gift for Cow
Java Lauren buys gift for Schultzie
Jazmine Lauren buys gift for Buzz
Cow (cat) Joanna buys gift for Bogart
Gorilla of Liberty ???