The 2000 Judge Family Christmas Wish List

Well, here it is once more, the Judge Family Christmas Homepage. This is the 2000 edition. I still have up the previous versions online as well, which you can see at the following pages:

1999 Christmas
1998 Christmas

I'll try to make this a little bit different, but it might end up looking the same anyway. If you don't like it, well, I'll just make up junky stuff to put in your wish list. =)

The rules this year are the same. If you want to post some information to this list, please send email to and I'll personally update your own wish list.

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HARVEY FAMILY Al Pat James Joan Matthew Thomas Emily Scott Kim Peyton
KRUSWICKI FAMILY Dave Kathy Karen Paul Timmy Kevin John
SCHNOLIS FAMILY Carol Mike Lynn Elizabeth Emma Marc Duke Dan
HUNTER FAMILY Dave Betty Amy Joanna Sarah Katy
R. JUDGE FAMILY Rich Gloria Lauren

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HUNTER Betty Joanna


A-1 Harvey

-CD - Ricky Skaggs 36 Greatest Hits; Item # D-15482, Catalog Music Co. Can be ordered at 1-800-992-4487, or at , or Catalog Music Co., P.O. Box 159297, Nashville, TN 37215-9297 ($34.98).
-Business Casual shirts - either golf shirt (XL) or regular collered shirt (17-1/2 x 33/34).

Pat Harvey

A blue fleece robe like the one Mother had. I have hers and it is wearing out.
Elvis cd of hymns..gospel I think
Bath and body works lavender scent aromatherapy stuff
The devil is making me write this...ladies Dockers size 10m
I am open to suprises.

James Harvey

- Nothing -

Joan Harvey

- Nothing -

Matthew Harvey

T-shirts or rugbys 12-14. Anything military (books, pictures, toys etc...) Finger bikes, boards etc...

Thomas Harvey

T-shirts or rugbys 10-12. Finger bikes, boards... anything Harry Potter, also likes military.

Emily Harvey

Clothes-large 12m or small 18m. She is a little peanut. Peyton is already bigger than Emily. Toys... anything would be great. Likes music and books. Also likes any magazine or catalog... likes to turn the pages.

Scott Harvey

1) A street hockey goal (net) whatever you want to call it. I'm tired of using my recycling bin to shoot at. Besides, all the other kids have one!
2) Any of the books from the Horatio Hornblower series. I have not read any yet so no one has to worry about duplicates.

Kim Harvey

Trouser socks (size 8), dark brown, black, beige.
dark brown leather gloves (size 8)
warm pj's
any kind of silver jewelry (clip earrings or necklace)
kitchen place mats (yellow)
Dining room place mats and napkins (cream, red, forest green)
Shania Twain CD (second one)
Picture frames (8 x 10 and 5 x 7)

Peyton Harvey

- Nothing -


Dave Kruswicki

Clos Du Bois zinfandel (red)
Clos Du Bois merlot
Clos Du Bois pinot noir
Titleist golf balls (balata)

Kathy Kruswicki

I have one item that I can think of for my list, a navy blue or black cardigan sweater size 2xl, no collar.

Karen Halaburt

- Black wool crusher hat (size medium)
- Black and brown casual socks
- warm slippers (size 7)
- Bath and Body works lotions
- Candles and candle holders
- BoDeans CD - "Black and White"
- Old Navy Turtleneck sweater (Size Medium) (any color)

Paul Halaburt

- Nothing -

Timmy Halaburt

- Nothing -

Kevin Kruswicki

A bullet proof vest

John Kruswicki

- Nothing -


Carol Schnolis

- Black Cardigan Sweater size 2XL or 42-44
- Sweatshirt material cardigan 2XL Color: White, Grey, Beige
- Vellux King size blanket - Mauvey colors or something that goes with mauve.
- Blouses (Shirt style, not knit) Size 42 or 22-24

Old stand-bys:
- Pacholi Yankee Candle
- Clinique AROMATICS ELIXIR Body Smoother
- Estee Lauder CINIBAR Body Lotion
- RED Body lotion
- MYSTIC Body lotion(by Marilyn Miglin)

Michael Schnolis

-Rose Bowl Tickets and "Buddy Pass" Airline Tickets to Pasadena
-Renewal subscription for "Sporting News" (I have the form - $40)
-Subscription to "Runner's World" Magazine
-Long sleeve T's (XL), sleeveless T's (L), or Tank Tops (L) (made with material "Coolmax"or Nike Dri-Fit; not cotton)
-Golf Balls (Titleist Tour Distance - good deal on used ones on Ebay)
-Golf Headcover of "Purdue Pete"
-LInks LS 2001 Golf Computer game
-F/A-18 by Jane's Computer game
-Purdue "Rose Bowl" T-shirt or hat (or any other Rose Bowl memorabilia)

Lynn Schnolis

Cool touch electric griddle
swatch watch (not too wild)
It's a Wonderful Life DVD
Creed cd
The Corr's new cd (their Irish for anyone who doesn't know)
Yamazaki Tasha w/ gold accents 5 pc place settings (Michael C. Fina (800) buy-fina)
Lenox Holiday pattern dishes (5 pc or 3 pc place settings)
Subscription to Australian smocking and embroidery ( ) accepts visa and mastercard by e-mail 66 AustralianDollars=36 USD for one year)
Tops that aren't maternity size Large ( i love the gap too)

Elizabeth Schnolis

A baby doll canopy bed, books, sing-a-long tapes or books on tape, a new bike, art supplies or stamps of any kind, muffs (she lost hers), a spring wardrobe (it is still 90 degrees down here, she has grown 2 inches in 3 months and nothing will fit her by Spring.) She is a size 12 shoe and 5/6 in clothing. She loves Barbie, Kelly, Disney characters, Scooby-doo and anything "big sister."
Subscriptions to Ladybug magazine and Sesame Street magazine

Emma Schnolis

Misc. baby items
Baby's first Xmas ornament

Marc Schnolis

Gift certificates to Target & Barnes and Noble

Duke Schnolis

Electric Beard Trimmer
New Balance Cross Training Shoes, size 12, width 4E
[DVD] All About Eve
[DVD] American Beauty
[DVD] Cinema Paradiso
[DVD] Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samuri
[DVD] Gilda
[DVD] Magnolia
[DVD] Stand By Me

Dan Schnolis

  • American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley: His Battle for Chicago and the Nation by Adam Cohen, Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Studs Lonigan: A Trilogy Comprising Young Lonigan, the Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan, and Judgement Day by James T. Farrell (graduate of St. Cyril College) Hardcover if you can find it.


  • Stand By Me
  • Hunt for Red October
  • Blues Brothers (special edition)
  • U571
  • Saving Private Ryan


  • 3X and 4X fleece pullovers
  • Nike polos
  • Plain pocket-LESS single colored tee-shirts

    1933 World's Fair Chicago poster print by artist Sheffer
    Available at: . To find it, go to button marked "Misc" at the above site. It is Print # M0014.
    One stop shopping here--What a bargain!!


    Dave Hunter

    Subscription to Midwest Outdoors Magazine. See subscribe button at

    Betty Hunter

    - Nothing -

    Amy Hunter

    -Hand Mixer
    -Electric screwdriver
    -Subscription to Martha Stewart and Time magazines
    -Baking / Pizza stone
    -Flannel robe L or XL (plaid preferred, not floral)
    -CD - David Gray - "White Ladder"

    Joanna Hunter

    - Nothing -

    Sarah Hunter

    [BOOK]-Dr. Death by Jonathon Kellerman
    [CD]-Soundtrack to "Remember the Titans"
    [VHS]-"Three Kings"
    [VHS]-Hamlet, 1996 -- Kenneth Branagh

    Katy Hunter

    -"Maintaining Sanity in the Classroom" by Rudolph Dreikers
    -Movies-Oceans 11, The Big Lebowski, Baseketball, on video because for some reason the Hunter's dont have a DVD player yet
    -socks- striped, argyl, plain, cotton, knit, whatever, I just need socks
    -old school W.W. II propaganda posters
    -white knit cardigan that buttons all the way up, size Medium
    -a light gray fleece winter hat
    -a home White Sox jersey, (not Frank Thomas) sz. large
    -cd--North Mississippi Allstars "Shake Hands WIth Shorty"
    -cd--The Who- Face Dances and/or Quadrophenia


    Rich Judge

    Long sleeve, "business casual" shirts: size XL or 16 1/2, 34
    DVD's: Caddyshack; Christmas Vacation; U505, oooops I mean U571. You've Got Male
    Flannel pants (Kathy, Lauren stole the ones you gave me)
    XL Sweater (tall)---nothing foofoo

    Gloria Judge

    Subscription to People magazine
    Subscription to In Style magazine
    Subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine
    French White Corning Ware casserole dishes
    Breathe CD by Faith Hill
    Surprise me

    Lauren Judge

    [DVD] MI:2
    Aeropostale Visor w/Velcro in Red
    Ladies Suede Jacket (available at Sam's Club) Size Med, Color Khaki
    Any Old Navy Knit Shirts, Size Lg
    Old Navy Pajama Pants (Med)
    Flannel Pajama Pants (Med)
    Movie Posters (available at Pacific Suncoast - Orland Mall)
    [DVD] How the Grinch Stole Christmas Cartoon
    [CD] Journey Greatest Hits with "Open Arms"
    Baha Men (Who let the dogs out)
    [CD] The Grinch Soundtrack
    [CD] Jack Frost SoundTrack
    Toe Socks (ask me if you dont know what i'm talking about)
    [DVD] X-Men Movie (really really want it)
    Open Arms
    Phone Call #27


    [GLORIA-11/03] In addition to the regular gift exchange, why don't we have a "white elephant" grab bag as well on Christmas Eve. What do you think, Uncle Dave K?
    [LYNN-11/09] I know that everybody has to have something that they want for christmas so, I want everyone to get on the ball this year and get their lists out or the unlucky few who are recipients of gifts from the Mississippi Schnolis family won't be getting the awesome gifts we always give. (haha) I want to get my shopping done before this baby comes out.
    Also, in response to gloria, I think a white elephant exchange would be fun, especially with this family.
    [AMY-11/13] I don't know about anyone else, but I don't have room in my house for any color elephant.
    [ANONYMOUS-11/13] All right people, you don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to post ideas!! As in the words of a great family member (We won't mention any names!!) "LET'S GET CRACKIN'"!!!!!!!!
    [CAROL-11/14] Gloria, who would go first in the White Elephant grab Bag? That would be important to Dave K. before he could give his vote.
    [ANONYMOUS-11/15] Ok, so what is Carol doing with all that smelly lotion on her list?? I guess being at that all boys school she needs to drown out the smell from the locker rooms.
    [BETTY-11/16] I want a "hand re-count" on the names, Duke gave me a name but I thought I was getting someone else. No names are official until the recount from the state of Phildelphia is finished.
    [BETTY-11/16] Also, I just read Anonymous from 11/13, did Uncle Mark channel the 'Lets Get Crackin" remark from heaven?
    [BETTY-11/16] Gloria, if you want any of the junk from my house just come over and get it now, then I won't have to wrap anything extra on Christmas Eve.
    [KATY-11/16] To lauren judge, i love ya dearly hon, but come on, "Journey"?? you need to spend a day at our house, and me and Joanna will introduce you to some fine classic rock music like The Who or Pink Floyd, something of that nature.
    [KATY-11/16] "Are we all training yet for cookie day? I want no repeats of last year, you rookies out there will gain no sympathy from me any more!" The Cookie Nazi
    [KATY-11/16] Speaking from a woman's point of view and from experience, yes Carol needs all the lotion she can aquire to drown out the smell in that locker room.
    [KATY-11/16] So, would these White Elephant's be FREE?? or just Fresh???
    [RICH-11/18] Katy, you're a great @%#$g kid, but give everybody else a @#*&$g chance to get in a @#$%(*g comment.
    [LAUREN-11/18] Katy, if I spent a day at your house talking to you and joanna, i have a feeling all i would learn about is Phish
    [LAUREN-11/18] What, no pet grab bag this year?
    [GLORIA-11/19] Do the Harveys and Kruswickis know how to use the Internet?
    [CAROL-11/20] Do the Harveys have computers or the internet? There sure is nothing from out yonder this year!!!
    [PAT-11/20] So the Harveys have woken up. Does anyone know if chad comes in Patchouli flavor?
    [KATY-11/20] I am officialy starting an initiative to kick Uncle Rich off the family website. Reason one is that he has a foul mouth and can't help but show it off in his comments. Reason two is that i don't believe asking for porn movies, let alone gay porn movies (You've Got Male??) for Christmas from family members is a polite thing to do. I am just looking out for the best interest of us all this holiday season.
    [KATHY-11/21] Pray for Auntie Kathy if Uncle Dave gets most of his wish list. "Pet Grab Bag" at Uncle Dave's House?
    [AMY-11/21] Lauren, it brightens my day to see the younger generation taking an interest in the quality rock of the 80s. I just want to know what Leo Decrapio or Freddie Prince Jr movie had the song "Open Arms" in it...
    [RICH-11/21] Boy 0h boy. One little typo and they want to kick me off the web site. I think I'll go fold some towels and have a good cry.
    [LAUREN-11/21] I heard Open Arms on the Radio, I thought it was good, there was one bad thing though, my dad was trying to sing the song as high as he could
    [KIMBERLY-11/21] We are finally writing in for the x-mas list! We aren't "black listed" yet are we?! :)
    [DUKE-11/21] Merry Napster Christmas Selection -
    Open Arms by Journey (If nothing happens, try downloading an MP3 player for your computer)
    [BETTY-11/21] Hey uncle Rich,didn't we drag you all the way to Ireland, shop in every shop we passed, including the Aran Island SWEATER Museum, passed hundreds of live sweater material bearing critters on the road, and now you think to put a sweater on your list??? What were you thinking.. Oh well, guess we all have to go back!
    [BETTY-11/21] And isn't Katy Hunter the one to be talking about profanity? She's got you on the Youv'e got Male Porn thing though.
    [BETTY-11/21] And what is with Uncle Dave's list? CloeDubois, Cloe Cubois Cloe Dubois, blata blata blata...
    [BETTY-11/21] Glad to see the Harvey's jumping aboard. [PAT-11/22] Betty, I must agree with you about the sweater for Rich. After all of the hard work that we did providing Rich with our professional shopping experience, now he asks for a sweater. We definitely need to go back for a refresher course. pat
    [SARAH-11/28] Whoever wants me to buy them books (For names or otherwise) let me know by Sunday morning, I get 40% off my purchases that morning (the 3rd). It's 30% the rest of the time, which is still a good deal. Email or call.
    [DUKE-12/04] I'm now back from surgery, so I'll resume making updates to this page.
    [ANONYMOUS-12/08] To the "cookie nazi": Is there a cookie day this year? From the Cookie Rookie. [CAROL-12/10] Where is everyone? No comments this year? Katy must be very busy wrapping gifts, because she is never on the computer anymore!! And Paul, he doesn't even want anything for xmas because he has no ideas. Poor Timmy is going to be disappointed too!!
    [CAROL-12/10] Clancy and Rigel are very disappointed there is no pet grab bag. They needed some new plastic bottles to chew on and fight over!
    [AMY-12/12] It is officially the Christmas season-I heard "Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear" on the oldies station today-it was requested by Rich from Tinley Park and it was the middle of the afternoon...hhhmmm.
    [GLORIA-12/12] I have been secretly asked to revive the idea of the White Elephant Grab Bag. Please secretly email me with your intent to participate ( . Just think of how much fun it could be.......we would have an opportunity to prolong the gift opening, your gift would be anonymous, it doesn't cost you anything, and it would allow one to be very creative with their choice of gift giving. I'll allow "no restrictions" on the type of gift submitted. We're looking for 100% participation. Come on gang, let's get in the spirit.
    [BETTY-12/14] The white elephant grab bag should be fun and since this family loves to compete, everyone should enjoy it. Like Glo said, you wrap up something you don''t need anymore, something you never liked in the first place, (be careful you don't bring something from past Christmas' that you got from your name, that could cause hard feelings) the ugliest gift you ever got, your old college text book or anything. THen as the grab bag goes on you get to pick from the unwrapped gifts or take something from someone who already opened a gift. This is where the old judge competitive spirit kicks in. Remember Charades?? ....The Monopoly board being flung across the room??? This white elephant thing should be right up our alley. Besides, I already have mine picked out and I want to play!
    [BETTY-12/14] Cookie Day kicks off at 10:30 am Saturday and since the pope will be here, the party should continue late into the night. I am on my way out now to buy ingredients for Martini's. I called Mike for his martini recipe's but he was out. Hope everyone can make it.
    [LYNN-12/15] Count us in, I have done the white elephant before and it is so much fun, I have the perfect gifts, all four of us want to do it, I get to pick for Emma too :)
    [LYNN-12/15] Mike and I are sending along our list of martinin recipes we use at our annual new year's Eve Martini party so you guys will have plenty of mixing and tasting for cookie day!
    [GLORIA-12/15] White Elephant Grab Bag far we have 8 participants. Family pets are also welcome to participate.
    [CAROL-12/15] Danny and I are in for the White Elephant exchange, "Auntie Eleanor" has given us some great ideas!!!!
    [CAROL-12/21] Hey, Uncle Dave, what order are we opening presents in this year?